3 reasons i use @libsyn for my podcast

In this podcast I discuss with you the three reasons that I enjoy using the Libsyn service for podcast hosting. There are alternative services, and I also explained to you at the end of this podcast why I have elected not to use those alternative services personally. Do you use Libsyn? Do you not have a podcast? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about the Libsyn service and or if you’re using a alternative podcast host. If you are using an alternative podcast host, why?


Like with all of my podcasts that I’ve released thus far, I recommend you take a listen to the podcast simply to hear my insight and emotion on the topic. However, for those of you who don’t have the time or the patience to listen to this brief 10 minute long cast, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the three reasons that I have elected to use Libsyn. For your reference, I do include a bonus tip that will not be included in the show notes, at the end of the podcast. Remember, if you do get any value out of the free podcast that I’m releasing, then you’re going to absolutely love what I’ve got in store for those of you who get in on the your own pay podcast club. Either click here to save your spot, or send a quick text message to:


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One of the reasons that I enjoy using the Libsyn service is that you can submit your files via FTP. I do a lot of my podcast recording while I’m working on something else, which means I typically use the Bossjock Studio App to record my podcasts. Then, I can quickly upload my podcast to the drop box folder on my Libsyn and account, and it will be ready for me to add to the show notes whenever I get to that point.

Another reason that I use the Libsyn service is I can publish my content to one location and that content is syndicated to several different destinations on my behalf. I will have my podcast in the near future syndicated through the stitcher network, and I’ll also be in iTunes. My podcast is syndicated already to sound cloud, and this posting that you’re reading right now originated on my podcast and Libsyn. If you’re reading this on the your own pay blog, then you’re reading this posting because it was published to my blog. I go into more detail about additional steps I take after I publish my podcast, in the your own pay podcast club. Text “payown” to:


The final reason for these show notes that I like using the lips and service is that they are affordable. They have monthly plans that start out at five dollars a month, and this plan should be sufficient for someone who podcasts maybe once a week. Listen to the podcast to learn how someone might be misconstrued or confused by the prices that Libsyn as, there’s an important thing that occurs on the first of every month, that could help you with distributing your content using the lips and services, and not going over the disk quota limit that they quote you on their pricing page.

So those are the three reasons I enjoy using the lips and service. If you listen to the original podcast, you’ll also get a bonus reason as well. In addition, in the podcast I explained to you a little bit about why I choose not to use alternative services! Who do you use for a podcast host? How can I listen to your podcast and what do you podcast about? Leave me a comment and let me know. In addition, don’t forget that these your own pay podcast club will be open for a brief window this month, so save your spot on the waiting list and be one of the first to hear when I open it up.



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