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3 Things to think about before quitting your job



In this audio cast I talk with you a little bit about the three things you should consider prior to quitting your job. Unfortunately, I myself included, people in the Internet marketing industry encourage people to quit their job and “make it happen”! It’s not that easy in most cases though, as there are some important factors to consider prior to quitting your job. Is quitting your job even the right thing to do?


3 Things to think about before quitting your job


These three things to consider prior to quitting your job are 3 things I didn’t really have an opportunity to consider as I took action in order to be closer to my family when my mother passed. However, these are three things that I recommend my wife think about before she quit her job if that something she chooses to do in the future. One of my dreams is to be making enough money on my own so that my wife doesn’t “have” to work if she doesn’t want to. I’ve struggled with some of my fears, such as the fear of being successful, and this has prevented me from accomplishing this goal. However, by the end of 2015 my goal is not only to help 200 people increase their income by 100%, but, allow my wife the opportunity to “quit” her job if she desires to. We will definitely be discussing the three things I bring up on this audio cast prior to the end of this year, because they are important for anyone interested in quitting his or her job to consider prior to taking the leap.


Quitting a person’s job isn’t necessarily the best situation, sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to make things happen for your personal, family, and business lives. Have you quit your job yet? What things did you consider prior to quitting your job? Did you have an opportunity to consider the ramifications of quitting your job before you quit or did nature just help you with making that decision? Leave a comment and, let’s start discussions!

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