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Hesitation gets you know where


In this audio cast I discuss with you a couple of stories related to making phone calls and jumping off of train bridges and hurting myself. The point of this audio cash though is to show you that hesitation get you nowhere. If you hesitate doing something that you know you should do, then nothing will come of it. However, if you take action, and get started with whatever you’re hesitating about, then things will be different.


I’ve hesitated with entirely way too many things in life, and if I would have simply taking action on all of the things I’ve hesitated on my life would be totally different. What about you? Is there anything that you’re hesitating about doing now? Or maybe something you hesitated doing in the past, that if you wouldn’t have hesitated your life would be different? I’m sure there is, as we all hesitate with something. The point that I wanted to make with this audio cast though is that if you hesitate then things won’t  be different. If you do something however and you fail at it, then you’ll know what not to do the next time you do it because you won’t hesitate as much.


Take a listen to this audio cast and learn to stories of things I’ve hesitated doing, and why I’ve decided to just take action in order to make what I want happen. My mentor says the following:

“We are not guaranteed tomorrow”

So consider that next time you hesitate doing something. Another thing that I hesitated doing not described in this audio cast is actually releasing a version of my training platform at empowering the blind where people can actually provide me some feedback on what I’ve recorded. That’s changed, I send out an email today to several individuals who are interested, and one person actually already replied.


What are you hesitating about?