3 tools blind business owners should have

Yesterday I dropped a podcast titled the three platforms a blind business owner should focus on. You can listen to that podcast here, however today I wanted to release to you the three tools a blind business owner should be using. Because the third tool isn’t the most accessible on all platforms, though I do have high hopes that excess ability will be implemented in future releases of this tool, I also gave you a fourth bonus tool. For your reference I will list the tools below, excluding the fourth bonus tool which I discussed towards the end of this brief scope cast. Want to know what it is? Definitely give this scope cast a listen, and share it with those who might also find it to be useful. Also remember, you can send a text with the word “payown” (without the quote  signs) to be added to our Your Own Pay podcast waiting list, if you love the content time producing for free, you’re going to absolutely be salivating over the information given to those in the podcast club. Will there be an investment? Not for being on the waiting list but when I do open the doors to the your own pay podcast club the investment will be less than seven dollars a month.


The first tool I shared in the scope cast is AWeber, individuals running a business need a way to be able to stay in contact with their prospects and customers.  AWeber has come leaps and bounds when it comes to excess ability, and I foresee that excess ability will be implemented in future releases of their software platform as well.  AWeber also takes feedback from their users, and implements it into future releases of their platform. There was a brief period where I was unable to access the visual message editor, however now have no difficulties with accessing thanks to feedback from myself and other blind users. Are there alternatives to  AWeber? Of course there are, however this is the platform that I personally recommend for email auto responding, and if you need help with it I recommend you getting into that your own pay podcast club, I’m going to be doing some amazing trainings that will only be available to club members and coaching clients.


The second tool I recommended in the scope cast is Wistia. If you’re serious about your business, and you want to automate parts of your business, then you definitely need to be using video. Does Wistia offer a 100% accessible video playback platform, not quite but it can be used by individuals using screen readers both on windows and OS X. The reason I like using Wistia though, is simply because they have a very clean interface for uploading videos and a blind user doesn’t have to fight with the platform to be able to figure out what he’s uploading and where he’s uploading it. In addition, you also don’t have to worry about advertisements jumping up and biting you when you’re trying to get tasks accomplished. I’ll be in contact with Wistia  support in the near future to provide feedback related to the limited accessibility issues I have with their video embed code, want to see an example of this? Check out the video that’s on the homepage of the your own pay blog and podcast, and definitely provide your feedback on the video as well. Click here to return to the homepage.


The third tool, and in my opinion the best tool, is Leadpages. Yes, I’ll be 100% transparent, there are some excess ability hurdles to jump through when using this platform. For some, this might be a dealbreaker, however the support that I received from The Leadpages team and the training that they provide two people on their blog who don’t even own the product is outstanding! In addition, as a completely blind digital marketer, I really like the fact that specifications for image sizes and video sizes are provided to the user while building pages. This helps you stay within the constraints of the template for what you’re trying to accomplish, and for the most part using windows and freedomscientific jaws, users can get everything accomplished! I used Leadpages to create the welcome page for first-time visitors to the Your Own Pay blog and podcast, Missed it?. Take a look at that welcome page here. I also use Leadpages  to handle my text message Upton process, not sure what I’m talking about? Send a text to the number 44222 with the word “payown ” (without the quote signs) and you’ll be sent further instructions and added to the your own pay podcast waiting list.


There is a fourth tool I discuss in the scope cast, simply because Leadpages isn’t the most accessible I wanted to give people three actionable tools they can use today to better their business. If you check out this podcast, you can actually try all of these tools without paying more than a dollar today, to help build your presents on the Internet. Do you find these tips and tricks useful? If so, then shoot a quick text message over to 44222 that includes the word payown, and get on our Your Own Pay podcast club waiting list! You’re going to absolutely love what we’ve got in store for our club members.


Are you a digital marketer? If so, what are your favorite tools?


Do you have a visual impairment and use assistive technology to interact with your tools? If so what tools do you use and more importantly why?


Never stop being amazing, and remember you can engage with us live on periscope follow @payown


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