3 platforms blind business owners should focus on

This is a Your Own Pay scope cast, audio converted from a periscope broadcast I did earlier in the day. The original purpose of this was to share with you the Lissner what the top three platforms I feel a blind person should focus on are. Throughout this broadcast we had some live engagement, so you hear me talk to the people who decided to join me live on this show. If you’re not following me on Twitter or Periscope, go ahead and do so here. 



The primary reason you should follow me on Periscope, even though I most of the time have been repurposing my Periscopes  into podcasts, is because you’ll have an opportunity to engage with me live while I’m discussing the topics I discuss. In addition, often periscope or Twitter know about the topics that I’ll be doing on future podcast sometimes even before I know what I’m doing.


The primary focus of this scope was to inform people of the top three platforms a blind individual marketing his business online should focus on. I ended up talking with my mentor, the charge more money guy, and a friend Cynthia Merryman. They also were discussing their opinions of me, so if you’re seeing this posting within 24 hours of me recording the scope, you can follow me on Periscope and observe what they think of me. Remember, if you stumbled upon this cast and you’re not sure what to think of me, there’s always the what others say Page for you to Peru’s at your leisure.


Do you agree with these three platforms? If you’re not blind, are you actively using these three platforms in the best means possible? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Listen to this Your Own Pay podcast, or scope cast, or whatever you want to call it.


Enjoy this? Well then, you’re going to love the content I’m going to be providing two people in the Your Own Pay podcast club. Why don’t you go ahead and get on the waiting list now, so that way you get informed of when ever this program opens up before anyone, even periscope and Twitter.


Leave me a comment if you’re actively using any other social network aside from Facebook, and I’d be glad to connect with you.

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