your own pay podcast – a discrimination follow-up

This is a podcast for the your own pay podcast as a discrimination follow up. I recorded this scope while live at Starbucks today, and decided to multipurpose it into a podcast as a follow-up to the podcast I did the other day titled “Discrimination in the workplace, are you kidding?” It pretty much is a repeat of the information that I already covered, however is an opportunity for me to share my message with more individuals about why I do what I do, and what motivated me to help other blind individuals build their own businesses on the Internet. Unfortunately, according to the national Federation of the blind, there is roughly a 70% unemployment rate in the visually impaired community, and this is completely unnecessary. I think one factor that plays into this is something that I experienced and that is people who are blind but qualified for the positions they can do become discriminated against and unemployment opportunity simply because they lack vision. This then plays havoc on the persons mind, and he or she might not want to seek out future opportunities simply so they don’t have to deal with discrimination again.


Have you ever been discriminated against in the workplace? If you have, tell us a story about what happened to you in the comments, because the more our stories are told the more people will connect with us. Are you blind and tired of having to deal with all of the bull in the World today? If you’re interested and how it’s possible to take your business to the next level, or even start a business online, then we need to connect with each other.


Yesterday I released a podcast explaining more about the empowering the blind wordpress beta training I’ve created, check it out here so you can hear what’s included in the current trainings I have available, and get started with the beta program before someone else takes your spot. However, I understand that living on fixed income and not being able to just invest the type of money that I asked for in the beta program might not be an option for everyone, therefore I’m in the process of releasing what will be a weekly exclusive podcast listener club, to give bite size chunk actionable tips via email. You can get on the waiting list for this club at this link.