Empowering The Blind Beta – a Your Own Pay Podcast

In this Your Own Pay podcast, you learn a little bit about why and how I got  started with WordPress. The ability to easily create content in a web accessible format has always been an intriguing experience for me. Back in the “day”, I used to manually code my HTML pages for web rendering. Having the knowledge to be able to code HTML pages was an impressive feat, however could be stressful at times especially if you forget one little character as explained in this your own pay Podcast. Have you ever experienced the frustrations that come with forgetting a greater than sign or a slash? If you have, go ahead and leave us a comment to tell us your story about mishaps with HTML.


Before one click installations were available for WordPress, a user had to upload files to a web directory, configure a database for use with the WordPress system, and tie the WordPress system to the database. This process honestly sounds more complicated than what it is, especially if you have plenty of experience with installation of web applications. And back in the “day”, it was a lot easier then manually coding page after page in HTML. Don’t give me wrong, I do find myself using HTML even today, because some things are just a little bit easier using it however WordPress has made most of my tasks a walk in the park.


One thing however that I have learned over the past couple of months, is that even though WordPress installation configuration and set up is a walk in the park for me others don’t quite understand the process. There’s nothing wrong with this, as there’s a lot of things I don’t quite understand but others do. An example of this is maybe you can code iPhone applications, that’s not one of my Forte’s.  However, the fact that I do understand The process of installing and configuring WordPress  puts me at an advantage, and allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge with those who don’t understand how to install WordPress and help them figure out the process.


I created a training program teaching other blind individuals who use the voice over software on OS X how to install and configure WordPress. Want to know some of the things in the training? Listen to this podcast or click here, to be able to access the training immediately. It’s open right now for beta testers, people like yourself to provide me feedback so I can make this the best WordPress training platform available for any blind individual who wants to create her or his own site. Don’t have the time to go through what is   at this time 15 part training series ? That’s OK, contact me today for a custom quote on me designing you a site within the next 24 hours.


Remember, we’ve also got the your own pay podcast club that’s going to be available in the near future! Get bite-size actionable steps you can take when it comes to marketing yourself on the Internet, provided to you from a blind guy’s point of view! Click here to save your spot on our waiting list.


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