3 Ways to use @Convertkit and @thinkific to generate more leads and sales


before we get into the content today, I want   to say if you’re on the East Coast.  Stay safe. 


Today we’re going to talk about the three ways you can use  Convertkit  and Thinkific  and we’re going to show you how you can generate more leads and more money.  Hopefully you get some value out of this.  If you do please share with your most active social media site.


One more piece of business before we get into it, if you have any questions or you’d like to give me any ideas, or you want me to talk about something on the podcast, Please hit me up.  Shoot me an email saying I just heard your podcast and would like to hear about “this”.


  By the end of this episode you’ll have the knowledge of taking your Convertkit and Thinkific platforms and building a small business so you can make income or generate leads.  If you have no clue what Convertkit or Thinkific are  are definitely listen to some of the earlier episodes that I  published this week. Tomorrow I’ll do my weekly recap so you’ll know what we’ve covered this past week.  

Well without further ado.  Let’s get into it.  

The first thing that you can do is create a transcript based on your course videos that maybe you’ve already produced and set those up as a free course in Convertkit.  Now you want to up sell so you can make some money with these but this is a great way to get your customers and potential clients an opportunity to see what it’s like learning from you.  It’s very possible that you’re connecting with people who have never learned anything from you in the past. It’s very  important that you can give them something so they can get to know you. I understand not everyone will want to podcast every day, I get that.  So this is a great way for you to be able to get people into your funnel and then up sell Them on videos.

 real quick.  

So if you’d like to learn how to build out courses in Convertkit.  I’ll give you a quick rundown; but maybe that’s something I can build a future course on.

 go into your Convertkit account, go to sequences, and create a new sequence.

 each message is going to be the transcript of one of your videos. make sense? Maybe it’s a little confusing? If so, reach out to me we can chat more about me helping you get that set up.

Don’t forget to have a call to action at the end of your emails that says Hey why don’t you click here.  Register for this class pay me one hundred ninety seven dollars and get access to all of the courses at once in video.  

So the number one way that we just used  Convertkit as your primary offer is that you get people in to your list, they get free transcripts of your videos and then they decide whether or not they want to purchase.  However once you have someone in your platform and their all ready accustom to what you’re teaching them.  It’s often easier for them to whip out their credit card and just invest into an additional course.  So the second way you can use Convertkit and thinkific. is to create a free course or a free trial course. Follow up with the person to sell them either a more in depth  course or sell them your one on one assistants.  Now you can automate this using Convertkit and Thinkific, 


The third  way you can use Convertkit and Thinkific is a bit more in-depth. You could create a mastermind.  This could be a group mastermind or just a mastermind of you and another individual.  You want to record those calls (with permission) then sell access to the text transcripts of the calls using Convertkit to send the emails out.  You can then up sell the actual recordings of the transcripts for people who’d rather listen to them. You could also turn these recordings into a book.  We’ll talk more about that on a future episode.

Your call to action could be you say, Hey do you like this content.  Do you wish you were there to put your thoughts in.  Why not join us invest X. amount of money per month into being a part of this amazing mastermind.  


So that’s three ways you can use Convertkit and Thinkific in combination for building more leads and more business.  Did you like this?  Did it get your mind thinking?  Does the technical shit confuse you?  If so reach out to me.  


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