5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Motivation

  • 5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Motivation

In todays podcast you will learn 5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To
Improve Your Motivation. Thanks for Jessica giving us a call and
leaving her comments, you can do so two. Call:


and let us know what your thoughts are about the podcast.

If you have any ways you use to improve your motivation, please
add them in the comments.

It’s important for me at least to Listen to podcasts, and I find
listening to podcasts with content I’m learning is best. If you are
listening to podcasts that you want to learn about you may not
understand something when you learn about it, you will pick things
out to learn more about to better understand it.

  • An example of this is that I wanted to learn about Facebook
    ads. I started listening to podcasters who actively talked about
    using Facebook ads to increase their business, however at first
    didn’t understand elements like pixels and conversion tracking.
    Listening to podcasts however gave me the confidence and motivation
    to learn more about Facebook ads. I now have been using elements I
    learned in my business to start learning the Facebook ad
  • The second of 5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your
    Motivation for me would be to listen to music. I am fond of the
    Pop A
    List on Apple Music
    , and will often just listen to some music
    and step away from what I’m working on. If I’m in the mood,
    sometimes I’ll combine my music listening with some of the
    additional tips I give for improving your motivation. Easy isn’t
    it? I’m willing to bet your listening to music but are you letting
    yourself go into the sound of what your listening to? I also listen
    to the Power
    app two.

Being a partner in a Dog Guide/Human relationship it’s important
that I get out at least once a day. Some days I don’t have a
destination that I need to go to so I’ll just go for a walk down
and back up a hill near our house. Titan allows me to think while
he poles strongly ahead and guides me with elegance around standing
people to the corner so I can safely cross the road.

When I am walking with Titan, I will often consider future content
for the podcast I want to create. It’s not uncommon also for me to
share some of these thoughts on my AudioBoom account. If you would
like to follow and engage with me you can I’m @payown on audioboom.fm.

In conjunction with walking I will often do exercises. I am
relaxing when I’m walking, however when I exercise and go threw one
of the Eyes Free Blind Alive Fitness packages I concentrate
 on how my body feels while considering future moves in the
podcast and my business. I tend to have more motivation if I’m
relaxed, and will focus on the tasks that have been holding me back
from moving to the next level.

The two Blind Alive fitness exercise I own are the Cardio
Levels One and Two
. You can pick your copy’s up and transform
your body along with me.


The faith Ridiculously Simple Way to Improve Your Motivation
would be to know where your going. If you don’t remember your
goals, then you can listen and learn all day long but not take any
action because you don’t know what will help you get to where your
going. If you get relaxed or pumped up with music, and use relaxing
activities like walking and showering to consider that next idea
again you don’t have direction so is it a good idea you come up

If you can remember your goals, using exercise to get going and
make your dreams happen will be a useful task.

I am guilty of forgetting my goals, however one of the tasks you
and I can start doing is writing down our goals every day. I
learned this tip from someone, unfortunately I don’t remember who
that was however never implemented it. Let me know if you are going
to and if you do how is it helping you?

Tomorrow we are going to chat about the differences between network
marketing, affiliate marketing, and mlm marketing. I think I
covered this in a past podcast, however I was asked that I share my
thoughts on what the differences are and what I thought about them.
Remember that in iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music the
podcast is an explicit rated podcast. I’m sure tomorrow some of the
thoughts I share with you will be pashanent and you may not want to
listen to it around your kids…

Then and again, I might also be good!

  • Hmmm!


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