6 Reasons I Am In Love With @Convertkit ?

So yesterday was three reasons I don’t like @Convertkit,  tell you a little secret about that towards the middle of this episode.  Even though I still love them.  Today’s episode is six reason and I’m absolutely madly in love with @Convertkit 

welcome and thank you for listening to another your own pay podcast. This is your host Michael and I’m in the process of getting attention for the things I have passion for… what are you doing? i’m coaching blind entrepreneurs how to bring their business online. typically creating the first information product and today’s episode is going to help you with that while I take care of the technical shit.  So you don’t have to 

We’re going to talk about the six reasons why I’m in love with Convertkit, and those of you who have listened to me for a little while probably have heard some of this. but I guarantee you that there’s a couple in here that I haven’t even brought up in past.  Episodes.

Let’s start out with number one which is amazing customer support.  

Convertkit has Wonderful Customer Support #yopcast

Yesterday I dropped an episode and I’m like hey the number three reason why I can’t stand Convertkit is they don’t have phone support. I tagged @Convertkit  in the title of the posting so Convertkit was made aware of the posting and I’m assuming they went and listened to it.  And here’s why they wrote me about two hours later and all include the tweet in the show notes


You can get this phone support at the Convertkit Support Page.

the other thing about their amazing customer service is let me tell you a quick story of something that happened to me the other day. I wanted to send an email to my list and I wanted to send it to everyone However I wanted to exclude one of the forms. one of the gentlemen wrote me and he goes Hey here’s an image.  Take a look at this diagram and it should explain to you what you need to do to accomplish what you’re trying to do. This was ok, however i wrote him back and said wait a minute I’m completely blind I can’t see this image is there any way you can provide this to me in a textual form? the gentleman apologized to me said hey, i’m  sorry I didn’t realize that.  Here’s what the image said 


the number two reason why I love Convertkit is their billing is straightforward.  I pay $29 dollars a month.  I have the opportunity to have up to one thousand email addresses on my list.  It doesn’t matter if one person signs up one time or a thousand times with the same email address and they will only count as one person.  So their billing is straightforward thank you Convertkit.

.  Number three.  They’ve got a clean and accessible interface.  

I used AWeber for a while and I jump through the hoops in the hurdles that I had with AWeber with a screen reader. I was able to do it but when they dropped their campaigns feature.  I’m like oh no I can’t do this, this isn’t working the way that I want it to. so I started reaching out to other people who are using different services and Convertkit came up.  Let me tell you something campaigns wasn’t accessible on AWeber, and that’s cool but it’s still one of the automation features that I wanted.

the number four reason why I absolutely love Convertkit is their automation when used properly is very flexible.  Did I mention it’s easy to set up? you can set people so you know what type of content to engage with them.  If someone clicks on a podcast episode I can tag them and say listen to a podcast.  Then you’ll know that I can send those people more podcast episodes, versus people who click on a link to watch a video. I can tag them and say hey these people like video content and I can send you your preferred content.


number five reason of why i love Convertkit coincides with automation and it is integrations are widely available. if there aren’t ways to integrate Convertkit natively with an application your trying to use reach out to Zapier or Convertkit and let them know hey I want this program to work with this service.


number six reason why I’m absolutely in love with Convertkit is their blog.  So if you haven’t taken a look at it you need to take a look at the convert kept blog.  Why because Convertkit provides you some awesome value when it comes to building your following, either Using blogs or courses or email marketing or whatever you’re looking to learn to do to build your business online.  They’re giving all of this value away for free.  it’s like my other favorite company leadpages, leadpages does case studies on what their clients are doing and what they’ve seen their platform be used for. Convertkit  does kind of the same think they reach out to people and they get their feedback and then they post the results of the feedback as well as tips and tricks for building your list on their blog.  Even if you’re not interested in becoming a Convertkit customer Click on Convertkit.com click on the blog and take a look at some of the material that’s available.  


These are the six reasons why I absolutely love Convertkit. a great platform and if your not using an email auto responder, I recommend you take a look at Convertkit.


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