1Password, AOTD 14, surprise ;)

1Password is the app we discuss on todays stolen show.

0:09, what’s that you hear? A different voice? Listen to find out who.

0:35, and why he took this show over.

**Whoops, did I hint who it was?

0:43, and what is this app?

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Your 1Password Vault

0:57, Hear is a explanation of the 1password vaults from the 1Password team themselves:

What would 1Password be without vaults? They’re where you put your most important information to keep it safe, and they’ve been a core part of the 1Password experience since the beginning. In 1Password Teams, vaults are more useful than ever. Let’s look at how vaults can help you organize and share information within your team.

From the post at Get to know 1Password Teams: Vaults and sharing on the blog for 1Password

137, only you have access to your data.

What else can 1Password do?

1:55, learn some of the other type of data 1Password can store.

2:05, does every login you have on each website have its own login? If not, you need to change that now.

2:15, No way with all the services we have now that you can remember unique passwords.

2:56, your data is leaking more then a sieve on the internet

Unique passwords help you save your banking information

3:20, because his passwords are different on each site, he doesn’t have to worry about if someone is taking his password data.

3:25, hear is a random generated password from 1password:


and you can change the rules for creating your passwords.

1Password apps for every platform?

3:30, you can download 1Password for:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS
  • The Web (1Password X)

3:54, are you running around with a Chromebook?

How do you get 1Password?

You can subscribe to 1Password or order the software outright. The advantages to both are briefly discussed in todays podcast, and if you subscribe you can explore accounts:

  • for individuals
  • for families
  • and for teams

4:55, not another subscription

Paying outright for apps

5:12, If you would rather keep your data internal and not pay another software as a service company, you can pay for apps on each platform and keep all syncing internal

Important facts to know when getting into this system

6:08, if you lose your password, it’s gone for ever. No one can reset your “1Password”

6:30, tips for picking a good 1 password

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