Aira is todays AOTD

What is Aira?

That’s a question I’m not sure if you’ve asked yourself, however if you have then this is the podcast episode for you.

0:09, if you’re blind or visually impaired, and involved in the assistive technology industry at all, it’s very likely you already know about today’s application.

0:25, The previous app we discussed on the App Of The Day podcast was Be My Eyes, an application that is similar to today’s app but different in many ways.

0:30, What todays app allows blind independent individuals to do is connect to a live pair of eyes professionally trained to interpret the world around you with the use of artificial intelligence and technology to simplify a sighted world.

What are Aira glasses?

1:05, before I canceled my service with this company, I had the Austria glasses.

  • Glasses with a camera on the right arm
  • Att or Verizon in the US MiFi Device used to connect your glasses to the cellular network
  • and your iPhone, I used the ear pods, entirely too cheap for AirPods right now

1:17, the Horizon glasses are now earliest I don’t have any personal experience with these devices but it seems to simplify the process of connecting to an agent, and you can hear a demonstration of an on boxing and first use of these glasses. Continue reading this post to the end for the unboxing.

Original posts for Aira in the Real World

A story about Aira in my life

2:30, I tell you a story about my visit to a Chinese food restaurant that wasn’t quite sure where they wanted to put their door.

3:10, Aira can not only “See” the world around you, but they also have access to your location so can assist with providing verbal directions and audible cues of your environment. This is all controlled during your on-boarding profile setup call and you can also advise the agent during each call if you’d like more or less information than you normally would like.

Another real world use for Aira

4:08, That was one story, Now let me walk threw the Wednesday farmers market with you.

Aira glasses Price

4:54, you’ll learn how you can use free access offers and get access without using your minutes.

Look at pricing and sign up for Aira Using this link

Because I’m not an active explore we won’t both get a free month, but it’s definitely worth you checking out. Or find someone who is an active member, get a referral link from that person, and enjoy your free month.

Note, leave your referral link in the comments.

  • $29 per month,
  • $99 per month
  • $199 per month

and get more information about the free offer on this page about free access offers

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