At Your Fingertips – Braille Then And Now

In this episode, we discuss Braille education with our guest Kay. We cover topics such as using a slate and stylus for writing, accessing Braille books, personal experiences with Braille, the importance of Braille literacy, and the practicality of labeling things using Braille. We invite listeners to join the conversation and provide feedback for future … Read more

Unmute Presents Community Replay from 30 Jan, 2024

In this episode, we address a range of listener questions and concerns. Topics include troubleshooting laptop arrow keys, editing forms on an iPhone, difficulties with small buttons, reliability of multi-port hubs, verifying Gmail addresses, and more. We also discuss OrCam, screen recording, “do not disturb” settings, and offer tips and recommendations. The episode wraps up … Read more

Community Replay for 2024-01-23

You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit to learn more about what is up coming. Support Unmute Presents by contributing to their tip jar: Send us your feedback online: This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, … Read more

Katie Talks Travel: Travel Goals

In this episode of Katie Talks Travel, we discuss the travel industry during the “wave season” and the importance of setting travel goals. We emphasize the value of active participation in vacations and offer tips for planning trips with companions. We also highlight the improvements being made in the travel industry to be more inclusive. … Read more

ACB COmmunity Replay for 16 Jan

In this episode of Unmute, we discuss scams on phones, using YouTube and Shazam, email troubles with Outlook, a Spanish language podcast, the app Discord, and portable chargers for USB-C phones. We address questions about syncing contacts to a new iPhone and turning off text prediction. We also talk about upgrading to Office 2019 and … Read more

Exploring new generative AI skills for Lady A

In this conversation, we explore new generative AI skills for Lady A. We discuss the skill that lets users chat with chatbots, the Splash skill for creating personalized songs, and the Volley Games skill, an AI-driven version of 20 questions. We encounter some technical difficulties with the latter. These skills are still in early … Read more

Community Replay for 9 Jan, 2024

On today’s Unmute Community Call, we cover a range of topics and address listener questions. We discuss new podcast episodes, backup solutions, Zoom meeting setup, accessing podcasts with VoiceOver, iPhone notifications, switching to YouTube TV, and troubleshooting JAWS. We thank everyone for joining and encourage further questions via email. Read transcript

Unmute Presents Community Replay from 2 Jan

In today’s Unmute Community Call, we discuss the success of the Spanish with Carla podcast and new upcoming podcasts on IACast. Marty mentions recent episodes of Technically Working and the Unmute Presents community replay. We address issues with Do Not Disturb and focus modes in iOS, as well as provide tips on identifying pills using … Read more

Getting Introduced to Todoist on windows.

In this episode, I guide listeners on downloading and using the Todoist app on Windows 10/11. After installation, I explain the login process and recommend disabling the virtual viewer for better navigation. I demonstrate adding tasks and using keyboard shortcuts for efficiency. Finally, I encourage listeners to share and provide feedback to improve our show. … Read more

Pass Keys Unlocked: Navigating the New Era of Digital Security

In this episode of “Unmute Presents,” hosts Michael and Damashe delve into the world of passkeys. They discuss the technology’s advancements, its security benefits, and the implications for users across various platforms. Whether you’re new to passkeys or looking to deepen your understanding, this episode is a must-listen. Read transcript

Unmute Presents Community Replay from 26 DEC

In this episode of the Unmute Presents community call, we cover a range of technology-related topics. From troubleshooting device issues to discussing wireless headphones and email clients, we delve into various conversations and address listeners’ questions. Tune in for an informative and diverse discussion on all things tech. Read transcript

ACB Community Replay of Unmute Presents, 19 DEC

In this episode of Unmute Presents, we cover a range of topics and answer community questions. We discuss creative uses of NFC tags, address sound issues in VoiceOver, provide solutions for network problems, and talk about Bluetooth keyboard troubleshooting. We also touch on Windows 11 issues and offer tips for iPhone upgrades and storage space. … Read more

Publishing an Episode to Pinecast

In this episode Michael walks you threw publishing a podcast episode to Pinecast, the favorite podcast hosting tool of us at Unmute.You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit to learn more about what is up coming. Support Unmute Presents by contributing to their tip jar: This podcast is powered by … Read more

ACB Community Replay of Unmute Community for 12 DEC, 2023

In this episode, we make announcements about a tip jar and an ACB Community Call. We discuss updates, new podcast episodes, and a replay of Unmute Presents. We address questions about iOS 17.2, voicemail text reading, and journal apps on iPhones. We talk about disabling voicemail listening in Zoom calls and turning off news features … Read more

Unmute Presents – Reaper Concepts You Need TO Know

In this episode, we dive into the power of Reaper, a dynamic digital audio workstation designed for podcasters. Reaper allows us to record, edit, and mix our podcasts for a professional-grade sound that captivates our audience. With features like tracks, items, multiple takes, and non-destructive editing, Reaper gives us the flexibility and control to create … Read more

Unmute presents community replay for 5 Dec, 23

# In this episode of Unmute Presents Community Call, we discuss tech gift recommendations and address various listener questions regarding fitness planning apps, iOS 17 bugs, accepting auto-correct suggestions, sharing content, iOS updates, updating iCloud storage plans, deleting Zoom recordings, and copying and pasting on an iPhone. We also provide resources for accessibility information. We … Read more

“Navigating iOS 17: Resolving Double Tap Timing and Apple Watch Accessibility Challenges”

Episode Summary: In this episode, we delve into the challenges and solutions surrounding the double tap timeout in iOS 17 and the Apple Watch, especially for VoiceOver users. Our guest, David Goldfield, joins us to share insights and helpful tips.You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit to learn more about what … Read more

Unmute Presents – our community festive gift guide

# In this episode, we changed our plans for a live event and instead gathered contributions from the community. Gift suggestions include the Prolithin mini desktop vacuum, Zoom PodTrak P4, portable luggage scale, Table Coaster, and Lady A Echo Pop. We discussed AI software, gift cards, Sonos app, AirPods, and the JBL Clip 4. Community … Read more

Unmute presents community replay for 28 NOV

# We cover topics such as keyboard options for iPads, glitch fixes in iPadOS, dark mode vs. smart invert, dictation on iPhones, and more. We conclude with tips on labeling phone numbers in contacts and alternatives to programming a DVR with the Be My Eyes app. Stay tuned for more!

Staying Safe During the Holidays

# Join Michael and Damashe on this episode of Unmute Presents as they delve into essential safety tips for the holiday shopping season. Featuring real-life stories and practical advice, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay secure while navigating the bustling world of online shopping. Read transcript

Replay from ACB Community on 21 NOV

In this episode, we share announcements and remind listeners about the tip jar. We discuss cooking app alternatives, turning off Siri’s follow-up mode, and offer solutions for various tech issues. We address difficulties with VoiceOver on an iPhone 11 and share workarounds. The conversation also touches on Thanksgiving and other unrelated topics. We wrap up … Read more

ACB Community Replay for 14 NOV

In this episode, we discuss the ability for tipping and encourage listener participation. We highlight upcoming events and introduce Michael Doyes from the iACAST network. We talk about audiobooks and share app recommendations. Wrapping up, we offer assistance and remind listeners of the IA Cast app.You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit … Read more

“Spooky Surprises and AI Insights: Halloween Themes and Oracle of Light on Lady A”

In this podcast episode, Marty and Lucy discuss Halloween-themed features for Amazon’s Alexa (referred to as “Lady A”) and the new AI feature, Oracle of Light. Lucy shares her experience with the Halloween theme, demonstrating how Alexa responds with themed replies to queries like weather updates. They explore the Oracle of Light skill, highlighting its … Read more

ACB Community Replay for 6 NOV

In today’s episode, we address listener questions about streaming apps, provide updates on upcoming content, and share tips on navigating technical issues. We discuss favorite shows, upcoming podcast episodes, and offer guidance on resolving app compatibility and email setup. Join us for valuable insights and assistance. Support Unmute Presents by contributing to their tip jar: … Read more

State of the Union – NOV 2023

# In this episode of the State of the Union, Marty is joined by Michael Doyce and Michael Babcock to discuss the latest updates in the iAccessibility app, the introduction of membership opportunities in Unmute Presents, and the switch to a new radio provider. They highlight the new features and improvements in the app, the … Read more