CK3 – Why I Chose Convertkit #a11y related.

Why I switched to Convertkits specifically.


So yesterday I chatted with you little about why I left my previous autoresponder, check it out here.

Today I want to chat with you about why I specifically chose to go with the Convertkit platform, and maybe you’ll think about why you should too.

The main reason why I decided to use Convertkit was because of its ease of use. My primary feature that I wanted him an email auto responder was something that I could easily use. I needed to be able to perform the daily task necessary to get my work done. Some of those tasks included creating sign-up forms, sending out broadcast messages, creating automatic follow-up sequences, and any other automation the platform allowed. I didn’t want to have to jump through hoops just to get these basic tasks done, and Convertkit allowed me to do this with out a major headache.

While I was on a Google hangout, a friend of mine, Cynthia, asked if I could help her set up her Convertkit accounts. She did not understand some of the terms and functionalities of the account, and I told her that even though I haven’t ever used Convertkit  Before I’d love to take a look and try to give her a hand. The moment I signed into your account, I was greatly impressed with how well things were laid out and labeled. I was able to quickly and successfully set up a follow-up sequence, and Convertkit already had a sequencing place that I just needed to modify.

From my experiences, normally when a website has information already in place that the user just needs to modified to fit his requirements, I found that these are not accessible. This was not the case with Convertkit, I was able to press return on the link that was the subject of the message, modify how many days after the last action was taken I wanted that message to go out, press tab, and edit the subject and body. When you press tab out of the message edit box there is a drop down, by default messages are in”draft” status. At the end of this episode, I’ll share with you something that happened me why was working on my own messages.

When I discover that it was so easy to create a follow-up sequence, I told Cynthia  I wanted to explore her account more. I was able to successfully create a sign-up form independently, without any unlabeled steps. That got me really excited, because with my previous email autoresponder, it wasn’t that easy to do.

After I created a follow-up sequence in Convertkit, then figured out that the sign-up form creation process was accessible, I definitely Took a look at the automation features. If you’ll remember, and yesterday’s episode, one of the complaints I had was that AWeber implemented a new campaign feature which truly interested me, however wasn’t the most accessible. With Convertkit however, there wasn’t any of this dragging the trigger here, and the action there. You select the trigger, what you want to activate the automation. Then, you select the action, what happens when the trigger is activated.

We no longer had to worry about dragging or dropping. If you selected”When a user subscribes to a form”, then you would select the forms that the user subscribes to. You are then allowed an opportunity to select what type of action you want to happen. For example, maybe tag a user, or add them to a sequence. These features are also accessible, you select which action you want to occur, then select an option from that action list.


So, the best thing about Convertkit and why I’ve elected to stick with them is their ease-of-use, accessibility, and they don’t have all the features you don’t need. They do however have features that small business owners can leverage to automate an aspect of the relationship building process.

Earlier, I told you that I would share with you a mistake I made in a sequence I was setting. I’m setting up a email sequence for Amanda heal, to share the mastermind she is posting that starts at the end of August. I told people that I would let people know in the second email message of the sequence how Amanda and I got connected. I typed that message up and saved it, however the problem arose when I forgot to change the message from “draft” to “published”. So the Convertkit tip of the day is:

“#ConvertkitTip from the #yopcast, ‘Change Message Status From Draft To Published’ why @payown loves Convertkit.”



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