Disney movies everywhere sets precedents for all inclusiveness

The new Disney movies everywhere IOS app sets precedents for all inclusiveness


If you have not heard about the new Disney movies everywhere app, on the iPhone, or iPad, you are greatly missing out. In todays podcast I chat with you about my thoughts on how this revolutionizes video on demand. One of the primary reasons that I hear from some of my blind friends that they maintain their cable subscription is that video description is available on cable. Yes, you might need sided assistance in order to set it up, however in most cases once set up it will work by default with shows passing Audio Description. If additional video on demand services started bringing description to their content, even using an obscure way of getting the audio to you, then it’s possible more blind individuals would elect for this type of service. Especially since we could then independently select the programming we want to watch.


The podcast in this episode on apple Vis can be found here, and Thomas Domville does a wonderful job walking you threw the app to learn the way it’s designed. I’m very thankful that he demonstrated to us voiceover users how to be able to start streaming the audio description for a synchronized video. At first I was thinking it was going to be difficult, however after listening to this podcast, I decided to download the application and try it out.


Imagine my surprise when one of the first screens that appeared was a notification that video description was available on the application. I obviously was aware of this fact since I downloaded the application because I heard about it on this podcast. However, I thought about A blind parent who might download the application for her kid, to enjoy movies on her next family road trip. And the surprise that they would receive when they open the application for the first time, and be notified of the availability of video description. Originally believing the application might be a way to allow your kids to watch their content independently, ending up to being a tool allowing you the freedom to enjoy new release movies at this time with everyone else. at any theater.


I am an avid user of Netflix, and especially enjoy the fact that new audio describe content seems to be added quite often. If you’d like to see a list of Netflix audio describe content, click this link and sign into your Netflix account if you’re not signed in. You’ll then be able to browse a List of all audio described content available on Netflix. I will admit it, I’m kind of fond of Marvel’s daredevil and Jessica Jones. What about you?


Consider how having an added way to connect with an additional market of blind or visually impaired individuals could increase your business. What elements could you use in an audio described track to help a wider audience be able to understand the training material your creating? 


The your own pay podcast subscribe in iTunes, subscribe in stitcher, is a daily podcast hosted by Michael Babcock with digital marketing tips from a blind guy, and the highlights of passionate professional blind individuals. The purpose of the podcasts is to motivate and inspire you to get off your ass and do something, Michael has struggled with implementation for years and his business, and is using this opportunity to share his knowledge, successes, losses, and struggles with you so that you can avoid the pain and enjoy the ride.


Check back tomorrow for a podcast episode regarding a new platform you’ll be able to find me on.It’s a platform I guarantee you already spend a little bit of time on, and I’d love it if you would spend some of that time checking out what I’m working on. I look forward to helping you find whatever success you desire, and can help point you in the Direction of obtaining training, support, or tools to do it too.


All episodes in the month of March, prior to, and after are possible because of the big dreams start with small steps mastermind. Maxwell Ivey, the blind blogger, created this group as a test to determine whether or not it would be a success. Though we had a few little stumbles, check out Max’s blog if you want to learn about them, it’s turned out to be a very productive call to receive both accountability and education. As Maxwell explains, we are both teachers and students, so if we are learning we should be teaching to.


Click the link here, in order to get on the waiting list for when we open the doors. In the comments section, enter that you heard about the mastermind from the your own pay podcast, and we will add you to an exclusive list of individuals who can try out the mastermind for a month free, and have 50% off lifetime as a member. 


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