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OK, so it’s michael ✍️ todays show notes…

and it’s my fault this episode was as delayed as it was…

The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say,, @payown showing on the bottom
The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say, “”, @payown showing on the bottom

We’ve had it ⏺ for a couple of weeks now, i’ve just not got the work done with a lot going on in my life…

More about that in a future cast…

However, todays cast is all about transmiting 🦆’s


before we get into it

Don’t forget that you can connect with @damashe, or myself on twitter, especially nice for extended periods of time when we’re not publishing content.

Points to listen for

  • 1:20 – Damashe chats a bit about what FTP is. 📂
  • 2:00 Michael mentions one time when ftp is mentioned, hint, often when administrating wordpress sites…
  • 2:19, Michael mentions a couple of ways you can access remote FTP servers.
  • 2:35, you learn Michael’s favorite FTP app
  • 2:48, Damashe’s favorite app comes out 😜
  • 2:57, and now were hearing the story of how he got started with it two🎧
  • 04:28, listen to a couple of reasons that transmit has stuck in Damashe’s life.
  • 4:48, chatting about why Michael got started with his favorite FTP app, 🦆.
  • 5:13, why Michael can’t get 🦆 out of his life 😜
  • 5:18, then Damashe corrects Michael and lets him know that keeping those ducks in his life isn’t an excuse anymore
  • 5:29, time to talk about 4.
  • 5:45, careful, Michael is looking, ask his wife…
  • 6:11, all about what 5 has given us.
  • 6:46, another reason Transmit has stayed in Damashe’s life 📱
  • 7:05, Damashe tells us a story about saving the day for a website owner from the mall, then getting back to his waffle frys…
  • 7:47, Michael asks about data keepping in sync
  • 7:53, and Damashe’s answer.
  • 8:30, horror stories from 4
  • 9:00, Damashe brings the 🦆 back up
  • 9:31, Damn you Michael for your timing 🃏.
  • 10:01, maybe it’s the right choice for you?
  • 10:17, donationware?
  • 10:36, doesn’t work the way you may expect thankfully.
  • 10:56, donate or pay to play.
  • 11:11, try them both out
  • 11:18, twitter following information

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Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden unexpected passing of my mom. I enjoy the transformation my ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information i'm ready to show you the power and freedom automation in your business can give you.

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