3 ways podcasting has had an impact on business

3 ways podcasting has had an impact on business and starting my own podcast helped me build confidence, create relationships, and make money all at the same time. Hey, everyone. My name is Michael Babcock, and I am the host of the Your Own Pay podcast, a podcast started to motivate, inspire and educate entrepreneurs around the world. Since I started this podcast, in October of 2015, a lot of things have changed in my life and in my business. I’ve been changing my business model and the way that I work over the past couple of years. Using my podcast has helped with making this possible. Here are three ways that starting my own podcast has impacted my business. Hopefully, you’ll give it some consideration and think about starting your own podcast today. confidence is a major impact on my business starting my podcasts has giving me The first way that starting my own podcast has impacted my business is it’s given me confidence. You might not be aware of it when you

  • watch me
  • talk to me
  • or listen to me,

but often, I suffer with confidence issues. Unfortunately, I think this directly relates to the fact that I’m blind, and it’s one of the things that I think about while I’m walking around, or while I’m talking, or while I’m streaming live video. What are people thinking of what I’m doing and how are people taking the way that I’m doing something, and does this fit within society’s norm? Something that I don’t normally talk about, but it’s true, my podcast, the Your Own Pay podcast, and I’ve got to give a lot of credit of this to Damashe, since February of this year, and we’ll talk more about that later, but my podcast has given me the confidence to get out and do more live streams, and get out there and actually talk to people, and realize that people want to hear what I have to say. Did you know that relationship building comes with podcasting? The second way that podcasting has impacted my business is it’s built some amazing relationships that would have never been possible. Theresa and Michael Blaze, of the SBP podcast, Small Business Puzzle podcast, and I got connected. These guys spoke at Podcast movement. They know their shit. They are two blind individuals doing kind of the same thing that I’m doing, not really though because they specifically work with local businesses. I’ve also built relationships with Amanda heal, out of Australia. That has been both profitable and amazing when it comes to sharing information, with softwares as a service platforms and accessibility. Amanda, thank you for your feedback on some of the tools that we’ve tried out. I’ve met Marlon from Trinidad, and that was a complete unexpected experience, because my friend Amit from India, another person who I met because of the podcast, wrote up an advertisement for me, and I posted it on Blind Bargains, not thinking anything of it. As you might know, if we are left to our own devices, we’ll second-guess everything we’re doing. I knew that I could edit podcasts, and I knew that I could get content out there for people, but I always second-guessed myself when I wrote the advertisement. Amit wrote the advertisement, posted up on Blind Bargains, got Marlon from Trinidad to pay me. Hey, there’s two nations, one country and these nations are there, and I didn’t even know about them. Anyways, Trinidad and Tobago, great experience. I’ve also met people like you, people who are on the Periscope watching this, people who are streaming the podcast, people who are listening to the podcast right now. I’ve met you because I launched the podcast, ? ok, so the podcast has also helped with making money two! The third and final reason, definitely not most important, that podcasting has impacted my business, is it’s made me money, simple as that . Working with people like Marlon, working with people like Amanda, working with people like Donna, working with other individuals, VaShawn, and Tom, and the other group of individuals that I’ve connected with is because they built that relationship with me. As you can see, launching my own podcast has helped me three-fold and more, with my

  • confidence,
  • relationship building skills,
  • building money.

Those of you who are live on the Periscope, I’m going to engage with you here in a minute, so drop your questions in the chat. Those of you on the blog post or listening to this in the podcast, let me ask you, engage with me in the comments. Have you started your own podcast, and if you have, how has it impacted your business? If you haven’t, why not?

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