DM28 – Git does not equal GitHub

DM28: Git does not equal GitHub Terminal Screenshot

Did you know that git does not equal GitHub?

Neither did Michael!

Hey… those two guys are back with a new episode! So what have wee been up to lately? Damashe is going to share his experience and experiment on his journey to graduate from WordPress implementation specialist to true developer. This is a really fun episode, because we get back to just having good conversations about the technologies we’re using. We start this show talking about Damashe’s domain habit and why it’s Michael’s fault

But that’s just the teaser, because Damashe is going to tell Michael all about his experience with Bedrock, trellis, ansible, and WordPress local development. There’s a brief explanation of Git somewhere, and Damashe disappoints Michael, because he still doesn’t know if Virtualbox is accessible🤔

Here’s an update

We have changed up the format of the show a bit, and we’d like to hear what you think about it. Here’s what’s changed starting with EP28:

  • The show is a little longer
  • The shows will probably cover a couple topics
  • We’re trying out a fortnightly release schedule

We would both love to know what you think about the next few episodes, good or bad, so why not tweet at us, @Damashe and @payown.

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