Damashe and Michael are back with a new episode, Chatting WordPress

Damashe and Michael are back today to just talk tech with you.

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Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech

00:30, let’s get into today’s episode after we reflect on the amount of episode we’ve already reported.

blind employment solutions

0:40, we started this episode out by discussing options for putting a process in place to manage the blind employment solutions website.

Listen in as we talked about the image troubles that Damashe was having, and how you chose to resolve those issues.

Links mentioned in this section can be found under the resources heading on today show notes.

3:00, give this a listen to learn why were moving to s3.

5:00, Then Damashe and I briefly chat about the issues he was having with cloudflair for his current setup.

6:44, we chat about using cloudflair for DNS, and how i’m using Linode for DNS but now i’m switching to Cloudflair.

9:48, we chat about my current setup.

Resources for todays episode


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