Launch Center Pro is the 21st AOTD

On an iPhone X, this image is a Screenshot of launch center pro showing the top row from left to right, shortcut group, good morning, good night.Lets talk about Launch Center Pro in todays App Of The Day podcast, but first There’s a bit of housekeeping we have to take care of in today’s episode, so listen to learn more about that.

AOTD has a new publication schedule


00:13, Happy 2019, did you get the episode dropped on Christmas? It was Damashe and I chatting WordPress, listen on DM32.

0:35, you’ll learn what Next Tuesday the DM show will bring you.

0:46, and learn about the new posting schedule for content to come out this year.

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The blind employment solutions virtual workshop starting January 7, 2019

1:35, I mentioned that on January 7 I’ll be starting a six week virtual workshop as a member of the blind employment solutions with two other amazing individuals. You’ll have to listen if you don’t know who they are to figure it out. However, I wanted to invite you to join us in this workshop before we sell out. Yesterday was a pretty successful launch day, club members are going to learn more about it later on this week. If you’re interested in learning more about this exclusive opportunity, check out the way you can Earn Money Online Even If You’re Clueless About Launching A Business

I bought launch center pro years ago

Installed it on my phone, didn’t see the value of it, and then removed it. After listening to a recent Automator’s episode,

Automators 13: Launch Center Pro with David Barnard

What will Launch Center Pro let you do?

2:20, this application let you set up speed dial like actions to quickly open applications and perform an action within them. Listen to this podcast episode, or the one that I previously mentioned, to learn more about you can do. Also share with you in today’s episode what a outline of my launch center screen looks like. More details about that next week.

Do you use actions in Launch Center Pro?

If so, what are some of your favorite. If not why not?

Looking forward to connecting with you in the comments

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