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dm33 Days carrot launch solver

2019 cool tools for IOS

In this episode, we are back to chat with you about 4 apps we have heard of but just started using recently! That’s right, it’s our 2019 Cool tools for IOS and yes, it’s a follow-up of our chat in March of 2017, DM6 the 2017 cool tools for Mac OS and IOS..

Getting into it

0:07 we start by reflecting on how long it’s been, 27 episodes, since we released our last cool tools episode. [DM6, Cool tools for Mac OS and IOS])_

Day One

0:57, is an app Michael uses on the phone and computer, not mentioned in this episode, allowing him to journal his experiences throughout life.

He started using this application just before Christmas, and am documenting a journey Mallory and Michael are going through.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone through this journey, nor will it be the last time, the difference with this time however is that we will have documentation of the entire process. Including keeping voicemails through out what we’re going through.

Listen to learn more.

1:38, Damashe isn’t using Day one, but he did take a look at the app when it first came out. He claims he’s not the journaling type, will convert him one of these days.

2:15, someone who doesn’t use the app, he sure has a creative way of keeping things organized. Why didn’t Michael think of that when he got started with this 2019 cool tool for IOS?

2:38, the information you can automatically attached to your journal post can provide more value to your memories without any additional actions on your part.

3:10, every entry that I add to the one journal that I’ve created includes the following information at minimum:

  • time
  • date
  • location
  • step count
  • weather

3:30, Michael briefly mentioned some of the Day One premium features available.

and you’ll learn an alternative app that he uses to Record and transcribe is audio. an extra on top of todays 2019 cool tools for IOS episode.

One of his favorite features of premium not mentioned in today’s episode is the unlimited into an encryption.

carrot weather

4:00, it’s been almost a year since Damashe started using this app. and you’ll love why he likes it.

4:45, so apparently he doesn’t like a little Snarky…

5:12, can you get Siri to talk to you? Let us know some of the creative ways you’re using this personal assistant, when she works right, in the comments.

5:45, what does it feel like?

6:28, what’s on Damashe’s wrist? He will answer in todays episode, and it’s thanks to one of his 2019 cool tools for IOS

  • Feels like outside
  • possibility of rain
  • windspeed

7:57, learn some of the different providers you can get with this app.

8:10, of course it plays nice with automation.

8:30, you can get local data also if you would rather.

8:50, and you can also save other locations for observing.

9:20, active development is one of the reasons that Damashe likes this app.

9:40, and how Damashe is using Siri shortcuts for this app.

10:40, burr.

10:50, what’s in your shortcut, and do you have any favorite cool tools for IOS?



11:30, Michael introduces launch center pro, his cool tool for 2019 on iOS.

11:45, the interview he heard was:

Automators 14: Automated Journaling

12:15, some of the advanced features are paid, but you can download it for free.

“12:30, I see Launch Center as my home-screen replacement tool.”, said Michael

12:50, Launch actions or apps from your new home-screen that you set up using URL Scheme.

13:35, i’ve decreased my app count to 1 page, with Launch taking the entire bottom of my phone. That wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for this 2019 cool tool for IOS.

  • Message a boy
  • start good morning routine
  • run a journaling process.

14:20, it can start complicated but as discussed in the aforementioned episode there definitely are ways you can automate the process.

15:15, this was one of the early automation app creators for IOS.

15:30, and Michael got overwhelmed when he was first introduced to this app.

16:06, you can set a group up, and have a 3 by 9 grid of actions. Leverage the action composer to build your iPhone’s actions.

16:45, You can get the shortcuts action for good morning in the links for this episode heading of this episode.

17:20, and I think you’ll love the way i’m using Launch center pro’s way to use notifications to start automation off in my life.

17:50, and it ends with the good night shortcut.

Soulver, another 2019 cool tool for IOS

s 19:00, that’s a dam good deal 😉

19:30, isn’t his wife a lucky lady?

20:10, you can figure out how much someone is paying, and send them a list with calculations.

21:00, wait you can compare those features and services with the cost?

22:00, and this app is updated as well…

22:45, these are all tools we have been introduced to in the past but were put on the back burner until technology caught up to make the meat as useful as they are today.

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Links for this episode:

Day One – Capture life as you live it.

Pricing can be found on the day one FAQ

Launch Center Pro: Contrast

Link to Good morning action

CARROT Weather for iOS and Android

Soulver – Work with numbers the way you think them.

Are you using any of these 2019 cool tools for IOS?


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