Wifi – acrobatics – and sunglasses in DM38

Michael Babcock from the Your Own Pay Podcast Network with sunglasses on.

Do you know why Michael is wearing these sunglasses? Listen to the entire episode to hear.

0:30, Michael asks Damashe, “So what about Wifi, what’s going on?”

0:58, and how he does not have that.

Do you think he sounds like a baby?

1:40, and as Michael said, that’s why we have andrew hard wired into the Google Mesh System.

2:30, the past Damashe has had with Wifi and not having to disconnect from everything.

2:40, and how Michael is forcing himself to use Crome more.

2:58, No Safari on Android

Michael is using Android this month more remember?

3:20, Your KitKat Is Ready: Download And Flash Android 4.4 OTA Update …

3:30, learn how michael is now using Google Docs.

4:12, Stop Listening.

4:40, those headphones don’t work bad either for dictations.

5:00, Michael mentions how he’s excited that there isn’t an apparent limit to the google docs dictation.

5:30, and how Damashe is thankful for simple hacks sometimes.

6:00, Michael explains more about how the Drafts dictation functionality works.

6:45, Michael explains the importances of being all in.

7:12, That change has caused Michael to use the Chromebook more.

7:35, Damashe helps Michael explain what it is he’s trying to say.

8:00, Sometimes jumping between computing platforms can result in mental acrobatics

8:15, some tell Damashe because of work requirements they wouldn’t be able to move4 to a mac.

9:00, Damashe wants to talk to a fellow blind listener who is doing this.

11:15, What’ Damashe’s voice isn’t matched to voice print.

11:37, Michael explains inconsistencies he was observed in the Google Assistant recently.
11:45, it’s like Christmas.

12:10, If google can access info from the calendar…

12:37, Alexa can read Michael’s G sweet account however the Google assistant can’t?

13:00, some of the problems Michael may be facing could be related to permission issues in the administrative gSuite panel.

14:00 Apple is a bit more restrictive on the 3rd party connections that can be made.

14:45, sometimes you need to scrounge around to find the correct setting to give permissions needed to share data with 3rd party apps.

15:05, we don’t know what to Think about android, we’ve just been using it for a short period of time and have used IOS for years yet still don’t know everything about IOS

15:18, side note from Michael.

15:45, learn why Michael is fond of the boas Frames.

16:12, Who knew you could get assistive technology from QVC?

16:54, Michael thought that maybe he was over thinking it, however the AIRA presentation shared below shows he’s not.

18:20, the one problem Michael thought he would face didn’t have to be worried about because there is very little leakage.

18:01 Damashe is using true wireless earbuds.

18:09, Michael asked Damashe if he’s having the sluggishness Michael has faced in the past.

19:03, Damashe explains to Michael why he doesn’t see that issue.

19:39, Damashe has heard of this issue and it drives him crazy to.

20:17, That’s why Michael asked Damashe about them.

20:30 and you the listener get to know the differences in Lags.

21:12, Everyone loves headphones that a voiceover user may not want to buy new headphones.

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