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Todays app is Netflix with Audio Description.

Let’s get into it.

Before we get into it Today’s episode is thanks to the American Council of the Blind of Oregon Southwest chapter. If you want to talk about sponsoring this section of the podcast, definitely reach out

Oregon HB–2935,

Requires pharmacies to notify person to whom prescription drug is dispensed of availability of prescription reader.

HB2935 2019 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System

I got an opportunity last month to join the American Council of the Blind of Oregon Southwest chapter and go to Salem while learning how to advocate for your rights. What’s the biggest takeaway I learned and something that I shared with the chapter at the most recent meeting,

your representatives are a lot more approachable than what you might Originally think.

The Netflix Audio Description episode is dedicated to you.

I’m super excited. This is amazing. Right here. Your own pay podcast starts now.

Carrie and Stephen, today’s episode has to go out to you guys because you’re the first. Okay, so not the first, but you’re too blind individuals that I’ve recently chatted with that advised me they weren’t aware of the audio description available on Netflix.

So sit back, relax, enjoy. Grab your phone. Let’s get entertained.

I’ll be mentioning a few different resources in today’s episode. You can get those links simply search for the Netflix app on the your own pay podcast using Google.

Turning on the Netflix audio descriptions

If you wanted to turn the Audio description option for Netflix, you would need to ensure the option is enabled.

the Netflix app is available on several different platforms. I have the most familiarity with it on iOS and Android. Now in today’s episode, I’m going to tell you to go check out the Netflix app because they do change it so if I tried to

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Give you a quick description of the app, then it’d probably be invalid.

If you head over and check out the show notes, though, you’ll be able to get a link to all of the audio described content on Netflix. And in today’s episode, I’ll give you a few different tips you can use to quickly find the content within the Netflix app in iOS. And on Android.

Before you can access audio description on Netflix

before you’re able to access the Netflix audio described content, you can browse the content but before you’ll actually hear audio descriptions, you’ll need to be playing a piece of content.

  • tap on the video.

    If using talkback. On Android, this would be a two finger tap followed by a single tap; if you’re on iOS using voiceover, than double tap on the video option,

  • find the play pause button and select it
  • towards the center of the bottom of the screen, there’s a languages and subtitles option, choose this
  • select English audio description or your language audio description if available.

Once you enable audio description on Netflix, this should remain enabled per profile per device.

What’s that?

What this means is, Mallory has audio description on Netflix enabled with her iPad on her profile, but if she jumped on to her profile on the phone, it’s not enabled.

Likewise, audio description was always enabled on my iPhone using my profile but now that I’m using this pixel XL three, the audio description on Netflix feature needed to be re enabled on my profile for the Android device.

let’s find some Netflix content with audio description.

Of course, you can go to the show notes and get resources to Netflix content with audio description. However, that’s not always convenient.

tap that Netflix button in the top left hand corner of your app, you should see TV shows and videos. Tap one of those and tap all genres. That’s what you’re trying to find. Once you find a list of all the genres, go to the bottom of the list, I know a little weird, you’ll hear audio described content or audio described, click on that or tap on that. And there’s audio described on Netflix.

Now at least one episode of that show will be described, and if you read the link that I linked to in the resources you’ll know that not all content is described even if it’s listed.

there’s hours and hours of content on there

Enjoy Netflix with Audio Description

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