DM6 – 2017 cool tools for MacOS and IOS

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DM6 – 2017 cool tools for MacOS and IOS

cool tools for MacOS and IOS

On this episode of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) Damashe and Michael want to share some of the cool tools we use for getting work done every day. We start out today's episode with Michael talking a bit about his favorite first cool tool:

Textexpander, 2017 first cool tool for MacOS and IOS

The first cool tool and Michael's toolbox is textexpander. If you're interested in this tool after listening to this weeks episode, click on one of the links in our reference links for this weeks episode section to save yourself 20% on your subscription, and show a little support for the podcast. Michael has been using this tool more and more lately, and shout out to Marlin from Trinidad and Tobago for asking all of the questions he's asking, it's making Michael use this amazing package more than he might have in the past.

Both Damashe and Michael love using textexpander and you can now get textexpander on windows. Listen to this weeks episode to learn some examples of textexpander uses.

It can be overwhelming, however it’s our hope that the examples given in the graphic above as well as in the episode will help you get started with this powerful tool. Damashe gave you some amazing advice in this episode, that is start off with a few easy things:

It may also be worth starting out with simple things like:

Check out this weeks episode for more information, and take control of your text.

Drafts, 2017 second cool tool for MacOS and IOS

Damashe shares Drafts with us in this weeks second cool tool for MacOS and IOS. You'll definitely want to listen to this weeks episode to learn why he prefers to use drafts over the native notes application which is what Michael has used forever. Additionally, at the six minute mark, Damashe tells you a quick story that will help you understand his reasoning for putting drafts at the bottom right corner of his dock.

Workflow, 2017 third cool tool for MacOS and IOS

The third cool tool shared in this week's episode is an IOS application that Michael uses quite regularly. Workflow, has the tagline of:

Spend less taps, get more done.

And allows you to do just that. In this weeks episode, both of your house provide you examples of how they're currently using workflow, and ways you could use workflow as well. The amazing thing about this application is the new Sheridan this article,

Apple has acquired Workflow, a powerful automation tool for iPad and iPhone | TechCrunch

This news occurred a couple of weeks after this podcast episode was reported. However, as Damashe has brought to Michael's attention several times, with Apple owning this application now the possibilities one can use for accomplishing tasks on their IOS devices Will be limitless.

Michael wonders, can you imagine the possibilities when workflow is eventually integrated completely within the Apple ecosystem?

Being able to take tasks and run them from your watch, and have actions occur on your TV…

Enough of that thinking of what could be, and more back to the true reality.

Listen to this weeks episode to hear about how Michael can tweet out some of his activity results, share websites to notes, why you might have redundant items on the share sheet, and also an example of being able to always make it home thanks to the workflow app.

Ulysses, 2017 fourth cool tool for MacOS and IOS

Damashe shares Ulysses with us as his Second cool tool and this week's final one. He explains to us about how editing is easier in this application than with others, out the bulk of his writing occurs in this application, and how this application differs from the draft application previously mentioned. Interesting, both of his applications are writing applications, do we have a rider on her hands?


Michael also shares a few of his favorite findings of this application after using it for about a week.

Shhh, maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but he's actually using it like 1000% of the time now…


More about these 2017 fourth cool tool for MacOS and IOS

If you want to learn more about the Cool tools mentioned in this weeks episode you can use the reference links below,

don't forget to listen to the examples given.

What type of cool tools would you like to hear more about? Your feedback is what provides us the direction we need to be going in.

Commenting below should work,

let us know and don't forget to help us grow.

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