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two factor authentication examples – DM8


Last week, we talked to you about 1Password for securing your online life with strong passwords.
This week, we’re taking a 2nd step☺️ it’s all about two factor authentication examples.
Because sometimes, despite your secure passwords and you not using the same password in multiple places, things can still happen out of your control. One example is if your email provider loses control of the database with all the user names and passwords, and the hackers manage to crack their encryption. Are you now at risk?
If all they have is your user name and password, they could login as you, unless you are using 2-factor authentication. This means in addition to your user name and password, you must also have a randomly generated code to enter to prove you are you.

Damashe will explain what 2-factor authentication is, and how it typically works.
Michael asks

Where should you use 2-factor authentication?
The answer might surprise you…?
Damashe and Michael discuss some of the places you should have 2-factor active, including:
* Your email account
* Your financial institutions
* Your cloud storage account
* Your hosting company
* and your WordPress site.

Michael shares a time when 2-factor should have been on and wasn’t, and why he’s using it now.
So you may wonder,

What’s a good app or good way to get these codes?
Damashe has several suggestions, all linked below.
Leave a comment below, and follow @damashe and @payown.

Links for two factor authentication examples

* 1Password Teams 2-factor support
* [Mat Honan’s cautionary Tale](

* Google Authenticator
* Authy
* Duo Mobile
* Toopher

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