Five ways accessible email marketing will make you invincible

In todays podcast, I discuss with you five ways that accessible email lists can make you invincible. Oh yes, and i’m also recording this episode in my clothes, and not just my underwear. Don’t know what the heck i’m talking about? Well, check out the e episode i recorded yesterday titled “It’s true, you really can build your own email list and it be accessible, here’s how.”


Tomorrow I get my dog from the Seeing Eye, and that’s really exciting. I will be sure to update the podcast with information regarding my dog, e.g. name, bread, color, etc. And also, don’t forget that i’m sharing quick messages on audio boom, find me here.


Let me provide you with a real quick and today’s episode. For more detailed information, definitely take a listen to this podcast. If you enjoy this content, then your friends and followers might as well, so please, don’t forget to share.


1. you control your list

Having the ability to control your list and be able to know who’s getting what messages and what the people who are getting your messages are doing with those messages, is unexplainable in words. Take a listen to the podcast to learn how Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all of those other social media sites are only in the game to help themselves and not you. Consider that the next time you go build a Facebook page.

2. relationships allow you to provide value

When you are able to build a relationship with an individual, you’ll know what they are looking for so that you can provide them the content that they are seeking. And example of this might be that I could be building an email list of blind business owners who struggle with using Twitter for the first time. I could then build a product based around the pain point my email list subscribers have, that would satisfy those pain points so they would have no problem with purchasing from me.


3. your list will grow

As previously stated, when you build a social media presence you don’t have any control of how many users will see your posts; let alone engage with your posts. If your building in email list, and you figure out what works for you to build that email list, your list has room for expansion. Your list will grow, therefore the individuals you can resonate with will grow as well.


4. if you launch program

If you decide that you want to launch your own program, having an established mailing list will provide you with the first individuals you can connect with to see if this program is feasible. Another thing is that you can provide your program at a discounted price, or lower investment, so that your existing list who is familiar with your style can provide you some feedback.


5. others will value the fact you have grown a list.

The most important reason I think having your own accessible email list makes you invincible is that people will value your knowledge. If you go to a client and tell him that you have an email list of 75 people, who is he more likely to receive services from especially if his end goal is to build an email list? The person who has 75 people, maybe you, or the person who has 7500 people (your competitor). My guess is that he’s going to purchase services from the individual who has the end result that he is attempting to reach, therefore, your competitor.


These are five ways that having accessible email marketing can make you invincible. Did any of these resonate with you? If so, don’t forget to leave a comment and share this with your followers because if something resonated with you, it’s possible it will resonate with those who you care about. One more thing, don’t forget to join the podcast club waiting list, shoot a quick text message to the number




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