It’s true, you really can build your own email list and it be accessible, here’s how.

It’s true, you really can build your own email list and it be accessible, here’s how.


Often when I’m working with clients they tell meme that there are uncomfortable with building an email list because it’s “not accessible”. However, I’m here to dispel that myth, as I’ve been using a company for the past three years to build up several different email us on different projects I’m involved in. The program that I use is AWeber, and this program allows me to keep in contact with my prospects, as well as my customers. In addition, there are ways that you can automate the contact you have with your prospects and customers, and that’s one of the things I’ll be teaching in the your own pay podcast club. Interested? Click Here, and save your spot now.


One of the free gifts I want to give you today simply for taking a look at this podcast episode is the process I personally use to send an email broadcast message to my list. I don’t want your email address, and I don’t want your firstborn either! All you need to do is click on this link, (and if you’re using a screen reader find the YouTube frame to start playing the video). If you enjoy that content, you’re definitely going to love the content we’ve got available, in  that your own pay podcast club.


This is a way to reassure you that it is possible to build an email list and do it independently. There are accessible programs available in order to build your email list. So, if you have a customer base or even a prospect base, are you building an email list? If not, why not?


Comment and let me know what additional trainings related to email this building you like me to share with you.

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