Glimpse into the your own pay podcast club automation workflow

In this your own pay podcast, I give you a quick glimpse into what will happen on Tuesday at 10 AM Pacific time. There are a few procedures that will happen on the backend, and it’s important to note that all of these procedures are automated. I could be conducting an interview, and not keep track of time, and these procedures would still be in place.

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The tools i use in this podcast are AWeber, Paypal, and Leadpages.


Automating your business is one of the best reasons you should bring your business to the Internet. I can help you with automating the business, simply contact me and let me know what you’re currently doing and I will advise you as to how I would automate them. All of the details of that I explain to you in this podcast are outlined in actionable bite-size weekly digital marketing videos from a blind guy, available in the your own pay podcast club. Get on the waiting list today, simply send a text message to:


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Hey, if this sounds confusing and you rather just do what you do to make money,  , or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the headache of learning all of these automation tricks, then once again contact me today and we can discuss what type of investment it would be for your business to have me implement automation for you.