If I can then Why Can’t You? – Your Own Pay Podcast

If I can, then why can’t you?-Your Own Pay podcast


In this audio cast I ask you if I can create a beta program with only a portion of the content in place, and offer this program to individuals like yourself who are interested in learning how a blind guy builds his brand on the Internet then why can’t you? We often hold ourselves back because we don’t believe in ourselves, which to be honest with you I’m guilty of quite a bit. However, take a listen to this audio cast, and answer the question of if I can, then why can’t you? There’s no excuse for you to not be able to create whatever you wanted to create, and at least offer it to individuals to test out. A lesson I have learned is that if people are unaware of the knowledge you have, then they are unable to compensate  you for that knowledge! It’s difficult  to pay someone for knowledge, if you don’t know that that someone has the knowledge that you need.


Throughout my adventures on line over the past couple of years, I’ve learned something that I know I knew in the past, however I have neglected to use to my advantage. that was that  I can teach other people differently than anyone else in the world, because I have my own ways  of of teaching and sharing. My stories are mine, my personality is mine. That means, your stories are yours, and your personality is yours. Why not use these amazing qualities we all possess to better the lives of others! An  example of of this is that you might be able to teach someone how to keep his books, better than I could. However, I might be able to teach you how to build the website to collect those leads in a  way no one else has ever taught you. I can show other blind individuals how to do the tasks i know how to do and connect other visually impaired in a way most other marketers can.

So, ask yourself if I can then why can’t you? What part of being able to build your own product or service are you struggling with? And what type of fears do you have? Listen to the other podcasts I’ve recorded over the past week, and get to know more about some of the challenges and struggles i’ve overcome. With any luck, I hope to have  hopefully inspire and motivate you to get off your ass and make things happen.

Would you like to be one of the eight people available in this audio cast that I discussed? If so, click this link and contact me today. You can also use the above link to contact me and answer the questions presented to you both in this article and in this audio cast. Finally, be sure to share this with your friends, connections, and followers, as if you and I can, then why can’t they as well?

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