Your Own Pay Podcast – Five plug-ins for WordPress I always use #tagtribes

Five plug-ins for WordPress I always use #tagtribes


In this podcast I explain five plug-ins for WordPress that I always use. One of the plug-ins that I was going to explain in this podcast I neglected to recall, while I was live. That’s ok, just one of the occurrences that happens when working with live streaming. so definitely stay tuned to both the podcast and my periscope channel to learn about this a sensual  search engine optimization plug-in that was not included in this list. As a more positive podcast compared to my previous Cast, I want to provide you the knowledge that I’ve got and allow you an opportunity to interact with me in order to have more personalized assistants and my knowledge in an on-demand platform.


Inspiring and motivating you to get things done helps by providing the education necessary in order for you to not make any excuses when it comes to not knowing how to do something. The plug-ins that I referenced in this scope cast, are the following. The 4th one was shown to me from the Brand With Authority training, and the third one was shared with me by Marc Guberti . If you get any value out of these scope casts, be sure to follow me on whatever network your connecting with me and share in the comments any struggles you may be having when it comes to overcoming barriers in life, business, or even with WordPress specifically.



-~This is the spam protection plugin.


—~To give you different features you may not get by default without having to install several different plugins


—~ To provide a custom welcome message on your blog


—~To provide a popup for you to subscribe to a mailing list, or even maybe give a warning  to people about the nature of your site

Optin Forms

—~To allow people to subscribe to a list, so you can follow up with them, maybe for a free training… (#HINT HINT)


If you don’t know how to use WordPress, and are curious about what you can do with the WordPress platform, then you should contact me today.


I don’t know everything about word press, however I’ve been using it long enough that the knowledge I’ve acquired throughout the years from observing and working with other individuals should be knowledge you can take and build whatever you would like. Keep watching the podcast this week, so that you can overcome any barriers you face when it comes to building your present on the Internet.

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