Your Own Pay Podcast – The Plug-in I forgot Yesterday

In this Your Own Pay scope cast i talk live on Periscope about the plug and I forgot when I was running through my list of five plug-ins on yesterday’s cast. Click here to view and listen to that post. I am not perfect, neither are you! However, if I can do this then what excuse do you have for not building your own website on the Internet and taking things to the next level? Remember that though we all make mistakes, we can recover from those mistakes simply by acknowledging  in them and bringing attention to the correct information or resolution of the mistake.


The plug-in I neglected to remember yesterday was the all in one SEO pack, which allows the user of this plug in several abilities. Some of which discussed in this scope cast are that you can register your site with the three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Pinterest. Another functionality of this plug-in is that you can provide custom titles to your pages and posts, include a description for your pages and post, and specific keywords to each page and post related to what that particular page or post is about. The social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn that obtain information about the link you share do so via the meta-data in that particular page or post, E.G.  they import descriptions of your posting, get this information from the meta-tags all in one SEO pack modifies on your behalf. If you are interested at all in the search engine optimization, you definitely need to take a look at this plug-in especially since it’s free.


I can’t prove it, however I feel that this particular plug-in has helped me get to the first page of Google for several different terms for this particular site. Have I made millions just for being on the first page of Google? No, but it does give me a little bit of credibility when talking to potential clients and customers. I have also found that it provides some authority to my blog, because Google feels like I’m providing relevant content for the terms that I write for, that people get valuable information from.


What are your favorite WordPress plug-ins? Leave me a comment and let myself and all of the readers know.


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