Introduction to the “W” cast, W1

Welcome to the first episode of what I’m dubbing my “W” series. On a weekly basis, Wednesday at least, I’m committing myself to bringing you the latest and what’s going on behind the scenes. As I stated at the beginning of today’s podcast, it’s not my objective to commit myself to multiple podcasts on a weekly basis except for the Tuesday podcast I already committed to with Damashe, and now these “W” podcast released on Wednesdays. In today’s podcast episode, I share with you a little info regarding the new link shortener I’m using from rebrandly, I also share with you information about the webinar that Rick and I are doing. Yes, it’s not your ears playing tricks on you, I am experimenting with some audio editing tips I’ve learned from the podcast engineering school podcast, as well as from audio pizza. 🍕 If you have any questions about the content we produce, don’t forget to reach out and contact me today. Finally, it’s really important that you share the message you enjoy with your most active social media… If you enjoy it, those who you are connected too likely will as well. Links for today’s episode

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