Know Your Numbers – Success Tip Saturday

Know Your Numbers

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If you know your numbers you know what to charge for your
services. You might have a goal of money that you want to make,
maybe that’s the goal to allow you financial freedom or just what
you need to help offset your bills. If you know your goals however,
you can brake that goal down and figure out what you need to do in
order to reach your numbers

Lets for say you want to make $10,000 a month. If you have 10
$1,000 product sales in a month then you know that you need to
create a product that 10 people every month will pay $1,000 for.
Ideally, you will get paid $1,000 a month for that product every
month so you don’t have to acquire new customers however, if you
don’t then having 100 customers paying you $100 a month for content
your producing brings you to your $10,000 a month goal.

Take a listen to this week’s success tip Saturday podcast and
learn how this is a lesson I had to learn. When I learned this
lesson, I had to figure out how to be able to justify charging
someone for my services. One thing that I learned is that if people
don’t have any skin in the game then they are very unlikely to get
true into doing what they say they are going to do. This honestly
isn’t the case all the time, check out the Big Dreams MasterMind
(hint hint, if you mention that Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay
podcast sent you you can join for free). The big dreams mastermind
has allowed me to share my knowledge with others and see if others
think what I think is a good idea is a good idea.

Sometimes you just need justification to run with an idea and
often it’s motivation you may need as well. I am glad that Maxwell
allowed the Big Dreams mastermind to be free, as honestly yes a
majority of the group who participated in the mastermind did not
participate and i honestly feel that this may because no skin was
in the game. As i often say I don’t know everything but i might
know someone who knows what you need to know. This mastermind is a
wonderful way to learn to advertise and market while connecting
with like minded individuals. If you don’t invest in it, then be
sure your going to participate or you won’t see the value in the

Have you ever experienced not valuing something you got for
free? If so, drop a comment below to let us know about it, and tune
in tomorrow for the Sunday Stories.

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