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Click funnels or leadpages?


First of all I’d like to preface this podcast with the fact that there is nothing wrong with click funnels, however I’m going to explain to you my reasoning for why I enjoy lead pages over click funnels. I built my website in WordPress, and this is the most accessible content management system I’ve used as of now. This means i don’t need click funnels to build webpages. I then bring my capture pages into my WordPress system using the leadpages plug-in. There are alternative ways to accomplish what I’m doing, and probably more cost-effective ways as well. However in this Scope Cast I explain to you a bit more about why I enjoy lead pages over click funnels.


NOTE: This is a raw scope taken from Periscope and turned into a podcast. You will here me engaging with those who are live with me, and you can join live on future scope casts. Just follow @payown both on twitter and periscope.


Click funnels or lead pages?


In this quick scope cast I discussed the difference between click funnels and leadpages for me. In my personal opinion the education and abilities to capture leads and alternative methods definitely out way The financial investment for lead pages. Lead pages provide some amazing training content to individuals who aren’t even their customers. In addition, you can capture leads via text message with lead pages and you don’t have to use an additional service for text message opt-in.


Listen to this scope cast while i am talking with a follower of mine David, about why I prefer lead pages over click funnels. Which one do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments and remember that if you would like to you can follow me on periscope to be able to engage with the scope cast I do live.


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