May 2 2023

Welcome to this episode of Unmute Presents, where we bring you a community call from the American Council of the Blind. In this episode, the hosts discuss a range of topics, including how to report issues with apps or programs to the company, such as Zoom, to ensure that they are aware of any problems and can work on fixing them. They also talk about the recent collaboration between Apple and Google to standardize tracker devices and provide tips for navigating Zoom, including how to find the raise hand button under reactions. The hosts also answer questions from listeners, such as how to check for updates on Zoom and how to set it to automatically update. If you’re new to Zoom or experiencing issues with any app or program, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform.

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This is an ACB Community Call presented by American Council of the Blind.


This unmute Presents Community Call was hosted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023.


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>> Good morning, everyone, and welcome back to another Unmute.

Just want to give you a couple of reminders here at the top.

First is we’re going to get through all first-hands,

and if we have time, then we’ll go through second-hands.

Make sure you give everyone the same respect.

What their question is, you would want with yours.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything else,

you can reach us at

Michael, how’s it going? What you got for us today?

>> It is going well.

I don’t have anything for you today, Marty.

  • Nothing at all. – No, bummer.

  • Yeah.

No, I am super excited.

I’ve got some feedback from Chanel last week.

So on Sunday, we published not a comprehensive,

but a quick overview of using Mac GPT on the Mac.

And hopefully that answers some questions.

And of course, if you guys have any questions,

feel free to ask them after checking that out.

And then on Friday, we posted our Friday finds,

And that was an intriguing episode that I’m frantically trying to get logged into because

I forgot that we were going over these as we were starting.

And then on Thursday, we also, what did we talk about on Thursday, Marty?

What did we or what are we going to?

What did we?

No, what did we?

See, that’s just my quick pop test to let you know that I don’t know what we’re talking


So we talked about USB security, don’t plug and play with the MOSC and why you should

track of that, what you’re plugging your devices into. And then Lynn and Marty, now that I got

logged in, that’s, that’s our, we’re, we’re, we’re getting days mixed up. So Lynn and Marty on Friday

talked about subscriptions, scams, and privacy, exploring the latest in tech news on Friday find.

So that was a fun episode. And then again, Sunday we talked about Mac GPT and Marty did,

do you have anything you want to talk about related to some of the content that we published?

because I know I’ve gotten some contacts about some of that.

Yeah. Well, we definitely have been hearing from people overseas,

which is kind of surprising.

And that sort of blows me away because it’s really difficult

to schedule studio time with people who are in another content overseas.

Time zones are upside down, so we’ll figure it all out.

But we got some good surprises coming up for some,

let’s say, some awesome apps that you guys will get to hear about

in the next probably week or so.

So I’m excited about that.

And if you guys have questions, go ahead and raise your hands

and we’ll start knocking the questions out.

I have a question for you, Marty.

Have you gotten stuck in Zoom under the apps dialogue

and you can’t see other things in Zoom?

Has that happened to you?

No, not yet.

Oh, well, enjoyable.

What that is because I have not heard about this yet.

So what I just discovered, and it looks,

and I’m sure Herbie probably has a way to correct me,

but it looks like the F6 keystroke does work on the Mac as well.

But I got stuck in a window where all I could read about was

Kahoot and AI smart business cars.

I’m like, what is this?

And then I realized where my focus had moved to.

So if you do get stuck in that and all you hear is like Kahoot

and you’re using your arrow keys and random things aren’t quite working for you,

then try your hitting your F6 key, which takes you to

different places inside the interface.

So I will ask you about this.

And this has actually been a topic that’s been out for quite a while,

and there’s a lot of controversy over it.

But what it looks like is that Apple and Google are going to team up

and they’re going to try and give more settings, more options,

more ways to control how people track your tracker devices,

such as air tags and the like.

So what do you think about that?

And if anyone here has their thoughts on that, go ahead, raise your hands.

and love to hear what you guys thoughts are on this,

but Michael, what do you think?

  • So from understanding correctly,

because I’ve not heard of this,

and then we’ll go over to the single hand that we got raised.

So we’ll get to you in a moment.

But my understanding is,

so Google and Apple, and I imagine probably Tile

and these other device trackers

are looking to team up together,

so that way they can work interchangeably.

Is that what you’re saying?

Yeah, and also giving people, like for example,

if you have a tracker, you have more options

to be able to figure out how it’s working,

what it’s doing, how it’s tracking you,

or if somebody else has a tracker around you

that maybe isn’t yours and they’re trying to do something

kind of shifty, let’s say,

then you would be able to see or know about it

because it would be not within the safe zone, basically.

I think it’s about time then, because, you know, the safety of these devices, you don’t

think about, and hopefully you don’t find yourself in that scenario, but it’s about

time that we’re talking together and that information is interchangeable between platforms.

Monica, whose hand is up?


Hey, Chanel.


Well, it’s funny because I checked the podcast this, like, go, I don’t know, an hour or two

ago, and there, I didn’t see the one with Mac GPT.

I go to check it again. Sure enough, it’s there. So go figure.

I will listen to it later. And I just,

I didn’t know that F6 worked in Zoom on the Mac.

It doesn’t seem to work in mine.

Interesting. Yeah. It’s switching me between different panes.

I do command accent that kind of does the same thing.

Yeah. That’ll switch you between the actual windows and zoom though. Right. Okay.

I think when I’ve got stuck in that apps thing before,

Maybe I just tried to do escape or command W.

Um, I just wish zoom didn’t make it.

So we had to be in there, but I want, yeah.

So appreciate that there Chanel because, uh, yeah, F six is now it’s not working.

That’s interesting.

Cause it was on the Mac.

Cause I’m like, why is it not working?

And I thought that my FN key, cause that gets me all the time.

  • Right. – And with this external keyboard,

for some reason, Mac OS sometimes honors

my respect in system settings, sometimes it changes.

  • So, okay.

  • But yeah, give that a listen, Chanel,

and hopefully it gives you some ideas.

One of the things that we did talk about,

well, that I did demonstrate later on in the podcast,

is the importance of prompting

and actually constructing the prompt to chat GPT.

And the example I used is,

instead of just saying, write me show notes for a show,

Let Chat GPT know something like, you are an assistant to a podcast host on the unmute

presents podcast. Here are the details we covered in today’s episode. Please provide me show notes,

a title and the promotional paragraph for this episode. And I found that when you, when you

craft your prompt that way, it, it gives you more usable information than the generic info you might

get from Chat GPT. So I demonstrate that in the audio. So intrigue next week, or of course,

if you send an email about your thoughts on that.


No problem. Monica, who do we have next?

Abraham is next.

Hello, Abraham.

Abraham, how’s it going?

Hi, I’m good and you yourself?

Good, thanks.

Zoom acting weird.

So besides your app issue, which I think I had before,

when people are sharing audio, it is you are sharing audio,

and I have to Alt+F4 to get out of that window,

and every time I tab to something,

open the Participants panel,

it goes back to that window, you are sharing audio.

  • Does F6 work in that window?

Have you tried that by chance?

  • No, I tried that.

  • Okay.

  • And what’s happening now?

I don’t know if I have scripts installed.

I think that Doug Lee made my Zoom scripts.

And I’m I Alt-Wise, I’m not raising my hand.

I had to go into the reactions menu.

Interesting. It would almost be worth–

so since you said scripts, I’m assuming you’re meaning JAWS.

It would almost be worth finding out

if you temporarily go back to JAWS factory defaults

and suspend those scripts if your Alt-Y works.

Because I wonder if it’s looking for the placement of Ray’s hand

on the screen, but when they moved it under reactions,

then it may not–

that’s probably why it’s happening there.

I enabled help and said,

“Accept call when I pressed Alt-Y.”

But I switched to NVDA and you are sharing computer audio.

>> Yes.

>> I’m still stuck on that.

>> Yeah.

>> I don’t think that’s good.

>> It’s funny, I was reading an article while I was

actually lurking in the background of Herbie’s cooking call this morning.

And someone shared their screen and it popped up on in the middle of my article.

I’m like, I really, there’s nothing users can do, but it is really frustrating how

Zoom just takes over everything when you’re trying to do other things.


There’s a suggestion too, and this isn’t just for Zoom, but it will work with Zoom.

If you ever have an app or a program, something like that, that you’re having

issues with and you’re continuing to have issues with it, you know, register a

complaint with the company, whether it’s Zoom or any other app, this way, they at

least they know. And the more complaints they get about things that aren’t

working or problems, maybe you could create a ticket with them, whatever they

allow you to do, let them know so that they’ll know that you’re having these

problems. And I’m sure if you’re having these problems, other people are having

the same or similar problems. So the more they know, the more they’re aware to

look at a fixing. So if you don’t say anything, then maybe they don’t know. So

If you’re able to take a few extra minutes to register a complaint or a suggestion

that something’s not working, go for it.


We’ll do things.


Hey, Alan, how’s it going?

Hello guys.

I’m wondering if the same problem going to work in Windows as well as the

same messages might come up in Zoom regarding the trackers.


It’s well, currently what they were talking about was the Apple air tags,

which works with any Bluetooth device.

So, I think that they’re trying to get everyone to jump on board so that all of the trackers

kind of work with the same technology so they’re not used in ways they shouldn’t be used for.

Yes, I know sometimes they’ve got a button sometimes disappears, so I have to use the F6

button to get it.


Yep, yep. Sometimes that F6 button will move that focus for you and that’s a good tool to

have in your back pocket.

Perfect, Alan.

Well, thank you and feel free to reach out with another question.

Monica, do we have any other hands right now?

Yes, Jane.

Hi, Jane.


My question has to do with Zoom also, but I have an SE 2020 iPhone and today

I was on a Zoom call and I tried to raise my hand to ask the question and

it wouldn’t let me.


So wouldn’t let you, meaning when you went to go to the button to raise

your hand, it didn’t let you?

It wouldn’t let me.

It wouldn’t do, when I said, so I flipped left and right

and it told me settings, a couple other things,

but I didn’t find the raise hand button under the wall.

  • Do you remember if you heard something that said reactions?

  • I don’t know.

  • Because I think what happened is

the raise hand button is under reactions.

And so if you don’t-

  • Okay, I’ll try that again.

Try that next one, Carl.

So you think it’s under reaction

because I know when you guys, ACB gives the instructions,

yes, the more buttons in the right-hand corner

and the mute button in the left-hand corner,

but you kind of have to click left and right to find them.

  • Right.

  • No, they really aren’t there

if you’re using an SE 2020 or an SE new version, whatever.

  • Well, that is good to know.

And maybe we can play with that.

I know the raised hand button from the recording

has been moved out of the more tab for most users.

Although we do still run into some users like this.

So look for reactions and then it should be under there.

  • Okay, ’cause I went into settings

and I got something else and I was like, okay.

So I got all the way out.

  • Do you ever check to make sure

that your Zoom is updated all the way?

  • What’s that?

  • Do you ever check to make sure

that your Zoom is getting updated?

Do you check to make sure your Zoom doesn’t have any updates

that you’ve updated it to the most current version?

  • How do you do that?

would go into the app store.

And then on the top right corner,

there’s a button that says accounts and you click on that.

And then you would scroll down,

you would see updates,

anything that has apps on your device

that need to be updated will show.

  • Oh, okay, I thought you meant,

because I was wondering if I went into my Zoom app,

would it say if I’m updated?

  • No, no, no, you gotta go into your app store

and then go to accounts

and then you’ll see it down there at the bottom.

if there’s an update for it, it’ll be there.

And if you don’t see it right away,

you can do a three finger swipe down to refresh it.

And sometimes that’ll pop and then you’ll see updates.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Marty.

  • Yeah, you can go to your my account under your Zoom.

You can go to my account under Zoom

and you can check what version you have.

And you can also set it to automatically update.

  • Okay, thank you.

I’m new at this, but I thought I managed to master Zoom,

But like I said, when I went into Zoom today to raise my hand, it wouldn’t let me.

So I’ll check that out.

Thank you very much.

Thanks, EG for the chip.

All right, Monica.

Thanks, you have Kim.


Just to confirm what the previous lady was saying, it’s funny because my iPhone

made, um, it made Zoom look different without me even telling to it updated.

And so what you need to know is now on the bottom of your screen,

instead of there being five little pictures or whatever they are, there’s six.

And yeah, the one that says reactions, double tap on that and raise hand will

be the first thing you hear double tap on that.

And so, uh, a boy in that line, kind of, I also have a question about Siri.

I just recently updated to 15.4.

I waited forever.

And one bug that Siri now has,

I used to be able to hold down my home button.

I have an FV20, I think, yeah.

So I hold down my home button,

I used to be able to say on the app store, find,

and then I’d name the app.

On this new update,

Sperry won’t go to the App Store.

She’ll say, “Here’s what I found on the web for go-to divine office,” or whatever.

I tried it two or three times and then I said, “Okay, be that way.”

So I went into the App Store on my own and I wrote it in with my Braille device.

The app that I was looking for,

it popped up right away.

But Siri is, I think my smartphone is getting stupid as far as she’s concerned.

Well, a couple of things here.

The first thing is you’re not the only one that’s having issues with Siri.

Everyone in this update has had issues.

We’re hoping that they are going to start resolving these issues

in the next operating system, which should, they’ll probably talk about it in June at WWDC

and probably they’ll release it sometime end of the year,

September-ish, maybe October, just all depends.

But a workaround for that would be,

you could also go to the App Store,

go to search and then in the search box,

once you have the VoiceOver cursor in there,

you could dictate what you’re looking for

using the dictate button on the keyboard.

And I know it’s not a perfect situation,

but at least if you don’t wanna type it

and you wanna dictate it, that’s a workaround for you.

>> Yeah, I keep forgetting about Duketay too.

>> If you don’t see the little microphone on your keyboard,

you can go into your settings and turn it on and then it will show up.

>> Okay.

>> I have a suggestion if I may.

>> Go for it, Chanel.

>> Yeah. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the syntax you use with Siri.

Like you might have to say search for in the App Store instead of GoTo,

or on my Mac now if I want to open anything with Siri,

which usually I don’t,

but I have to demonstrate that for the class.

I will say open the text edit app.

If I just tell her open text edit,

she’ll be like, “I can’t do that.”

But if you say open the text edit application,

then it’s just a matter of fooling her to get what you want.

But honestly, 99 percent of the time I don’t use her.

But the one percent that I do, that’s what I’ve found.

>> One other quick tip I will tell you really quickly is that in this update as well,

one of the issues is it doesn’t always pick up what you say from the very beginning.

So what people do is they’ll activate Syrian, wait a second,

then they’ll say what they’re looking for.

And when they’re done talking, they’ll wait another second and then turn it off.

That way you’re sure that it’s going to get,

hopefully it will get all of what you’re saying.

But a lot of people are having problems because it doesn’t pick up the first part of what they’re saying

because they activate Syrian and it starts right away talking.

and then it doesn’t pick up everything you’re trying to say.

  • Okay, thank you guys for your help.

  • Yeah, no problem.

All right, Monica.

  • Okay, next we have Sheila.

  • Hey, Sheila.

  • Hey guys, how are you?

  • Good, how are you?

  • I am doing just fine.

My question is not Zoom.

  • Good.

  • Way totally not Zoom.

And Outlook, which is what I use for my mail email.

How do you request a red receipt for someone

that it’s an important email that you want to know that got.

And I know I’ve done it before,

but I went the other day and couldn’t find it.

  • I will tell you for sure,

because I don’t remember off the top of my head

and my favorite keystroke in Microsoft products,

unfortunately does not work in Outlook.

So for those who did not know,

Alt-Q will let you search the menus

for what you’re looking for in every product but Outlook.

So Sheila, if you stay tuned,

I will look up that keystroke or where to go to get that,

unless someone else has an idea and they can chime in

because I don’t know.

  • Okay, thanks.

  • No problem.

Who do we have there next, Monica?

Why look, she loves Antara.

  • We have Kristy next.

  • Hey, Kristy, how are you doing?

  • Hello, how are y’all doing?

  • Good, good.

  • Good, I have a question about the Alexa Kindle voice.

Like, okay, you can change Alexa voice,

you know what I’m saying, for the whole operating thing.

but when you’re trying to get it to read a book to you

from Kindle, is there any way to change the voice

to the male voice or not yet?

  • Have you tried switching your main voice to the male voice

and then does that work?

  • No, well, the male voice, I have the main,

I actually have the main voice as my male voice

and that’s what I want.

  • Gotcha, but it’s still reading with the female voice.

  • Yeah, it’s still the Kindle stuff.

my Kindle books that I read on it, it still reads in the female voice. So I didn’t know if there was

something separate I had to do, or if that’s just a fluke and it doesn’t work, if the Kindle

reader doesn’t have the male voice. I don’t have an answer for you on that, but we can reach out

and see if anyone does on that one because, yeah, that’s a good question. I think the Kindle reader

is determined by whoever the book is written by and the person that is doing the recording.

They don’t make a male version and a female version, I don’t think.

Well, the Kindle Reader actually, EG, uses the text-to-speech for Amazon. So it’s not,

I think what you’re thinking of is the Audible Whisper version of the book,

which would be pre-recorded, but the Kindle Reader itself should be the Amazon TTS. So it should

switch over to the mail-wise if your default is now.

Yeah, my default default is mail, but no, it doesn’t do that.

Yeah. Yes, and thank you for that. And, you know, we are gonna I’m gonna ask Lucy if she knows all

send her an email if she has any ideas because she’s who I go to for a lady tips unless someone

else has an idea. Okay, thank you. Real quick before we move on, Monica, I did want to follow

up with Sheila and Sheila, I’m going to email these or text these directions over to you so you have

them. And it looks like you go into the message itself when you create it in Outlook, go up to

the file menu and then choose options and then mail. And when you’re in mail, you can pick if you

want a read receipt or if you want a delivery receipt, and then that will apply to that specific

message. And as it’s explained in the Microsoft documentation, and again, I’ll text you. So if

So if you don’t, didn’t catch them,

then you’ll have them in a moment.

As it explained in the Microsoft documentation,

they suggest only sending read receipts

for important messages or people will stop sending them,

which is why I stopped sending them back myself years ago,

but I see the importance of it for sure.

  • Oh yeah, there are occasions as a state president

that you need to know somebody got your message.

  • Yes ma’am.

  • Thank you, Michael.

  • No problem, thanks a lot Sheila.

Who do we have next Monica?

>> I don’t know who EG is. Hey, EG.

>> Thank you, Michael.

>> How’s it going?

>> Fine. I just wanted to add one other thing on

the Zoom that I’ve experienced,

I think maybe others have too,

is that when like for unmute presents,

I always go in and I click on my calendar,

and I’ve got the link there,

and that’s how I get into unmute presents.

The issue there is that if I do that a bunch and I don’t

actually go in and sign in to Zoom,

then some of my settings in Zoom will go away.

So for example, how I have myself named will change.

It’ll revert to my Google setting as opposed to my Zoom setting.

So sometimes you may find that your Zoom settings change

without seemingly doing anything,

but it’s because you haven’t gone into Sign In.

If you go in and sign into your account again,

you can reset your, whether you have a photo or whether you have

a naming or any of those conventions.

  • Great tip.

And often what I have found is you get signed out

when Zoom updates.

  • That is correct.

At least when they do a major, when they do.

  • Yes, yes.

Not every update, but every once in a while,

when you’re like, why am I, what do you mean iPhone?

That’s probably me.

And then something that if you didn’t know this,

if you’re like, am I iPhone?

I’m on an iPhone.

If you tap that participants tab

in the middle of the bottom of the screen,

you are always the participant at the top.

So if it says iPhone at the top thing, you are iPhone.

So thank you, Eiji.

Did you have a question or did you just want to share that tip?

  • I just wanted to share the tips since we were talking about Zoom a little bit,

but you guys do a great job.

Thank you very much.

  • Thanks Eiji.

Appreciate it.

  • Thanks, Eiji.


  • Hey, Judy.

How are you doing?

  • Hey, guys.

So getting back to complaining about Siri, because I’ve definitely fallen out of love

with Siri since iOS 16.

And I don’t really know that anybody’s got an answer for this, but one of the–

I have often used Siri to send a quick text

and my conversation will appear on the screen

or it used to appear on the screen.

So I could look to see if Siri understood everything

or if I wanted to change it and there’d be a send button,

nothing appears anymore.

And I think that started actually with iOS 16.

I don’t even think it was one of the updates to 16.

So I don’t know, have you guys heard about them

doing anything about that at all?

I mean, have you experienced that at all?

Siri has just been not great in this update, I would say, in 16.

They’ve been trying to make improvements and fixes sort of throughout each time they do

a point update, you know, 0.1 to those ones.

But it’s still not great.

We’re hoping that in 17, all these issues will get resolved.

But unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do with Siri and making any setting changes

or adjustments to make it work.

Right, yeah, I know.

It’s kind of one of those things where it is what it is.

Yeah, I know.

It sounds like my dryer is here, so I am going to step away for a quick moment to deal with

that delivery real quick.

But one thing to think about, Judy, with Siri is in the Siri settings, there is an option

that you can enable or disable that says confirm action from Siri.

And so it might be worth playing with that as well.


All right.

Thanks for that.

Appreciate that.

And Judy, one other thing before you go, I will say also, you could actually go into

your messages and go to the person.

And once you have the body of the message open for whoever it is you’re trying to text,

you can use the dictate from the keyboard and that might work a little bit better for you.



No, I have just always found Siri faster that it, you know, pick up the phone, send off

a quick text and then I could see right then and there if it, you know, if he understood


But yeah, I mean, I know I can, I can do that from the messages app as well.

Even though it doesn’t show up on your screen.

So say like you’re going to pick up your phone, you activate Siri, send a text message.

Does it at least repeat back to what it said or is it not doing that either?

No, it does.

But sometimes I’m wondering, like for example, this morning, I always put the punctuation.

So I said, “question mark.”

He repeated back, “question mark.”

And I wanted to be sure that he actually was, that it didn’t say the words, “question mark,”

because it doesn’t always do that.

He’ll usually say, you know, question and it was saying, “question mark,” and there

were a couple of other things in a text that I just wanted to be sure that it came out

okay, and I used to be able to look at that and see what you know what Siri was actually understanding

and it just doesn’t yeah it doesn’t show up at all. Like I you know I’ve told I’ve said this a

lot of times but you know with this particular round in 16 for whatever reason Siri doesn’t pick

your voice up right when you activate it so you know activate Siri try waiting a second then start

speaking, you know, and then when you’re done, wait a second, and then we’ll stop

Siri and see if that helps at all.

Because I wonder if it’s missing the beginning of what you’re trying to say.

Yeah, well, it’s not just that, like, I mean, I understand that it said it doesn’t

show up on the screen at all, or it used to, you know, the conversation with Siri

used to show up on the screen if I was texting.

So, I mean, that was the point.

But yeah, I appreciate that.

And I will often go into messages if I’m just annoyed with Siri, I’ll just go into

the app and just do it that way.

So, thanks.

All right, well, good luck. Hopefully we’ll hope we’re better in 17. Right?

Exactly. Thanks a lot. Yep. Petra is next. Hey, Petra, how’s it going?

It’s going, it’s going well. Thank you very much. My comment is about the weather app. I just

use the native weather app that comes with the iPhone. And that is totally messed up lately

since the last update. I have about nine cities that I would keep track of my sisters, my daughters,

local wherever I am at the moment and then my home city and so forth.

And when I open the weather app, it comes up and first of all,

we’ll say Wi-Fi off or something like that.

And I’m thinking, heck, I’m not even in the status bar.

Why is it telling me that?

And then it will give me entirely the wrong city and it takes forever to get back

to the city that I want to be in. And then when it’s there,

Sometimes it will say left justified error or something,

or it goes into the precipitation

by every second of the day.

And I can’t get out of there.

Is there a better weather app

or does anyone use the native Apple app?

And can you tell me how to navigate that better?

  • So a couple of things.

The first thing I will tell you is they did break

the weather app and it was having all kinds of issues

for a little while.

They did for the most part resolve it,

although it still does have some bugs.

If you’re looking the way the map,

do you have any vision at all

or are you not able to see anything at all?

  • No, I don’t have no vision at all.

  • Okay, well in the weather app at the very top,

that’s gonna be where it’s gonna tell you the city

and the weather currently in your city.

And if you have voiceover on,

it will also tell you what the high of the day

and the low of the day will be.

If you scroll or move your finger down,

the next thing is gonna be like every hour or every,

you know, minute or whatever,

how it kind of goes across the timeline.

The five day forecast or the seven day forecast

is gonna be under that.

And so you would have to get under that

to see what that would be.

Now I’m also gonna say it is still a little bit buggy.

So if you’re looking for some other suggestions

for weather apps, I can give you two.

Both of them work with voiceover

and both of them have free and paid versions.

A lot of people really, really like Weather Gods,

which does work with Voiceover and people love that a lot.

And number two would be Carrot Weather,

which people also like a lot

and it also works with Voiceover.

But they both have free versions

and then they also both have paid versions.

So you’ll have to decide what you want there.

But those would be the two suggestions

for alternatives that I would recommend.

  • And I will second that.

Weather Gods is a great application,

especially if you just want to hear what the audio or what the weather is like.

Uh, that’s what I use weather gods for.

And then, um, with carrot weather, if you Google carrot weather, you’re going to

see it’s the snarky weather app, which is fine.

And that’s all good.

You can calm that down if you want, but what I find to be the most valuable

thing about carrot weather is carrot weather allows you to completely

customize the interface.

So let’s say you don’t really care about what the, what the precipitation

is over the next six days.

you can take that out and not even see that information

and only see the information you want.

So for someone who’s looking

for a very customizable application,

it does take a little bit for you to get it set up

and configured the way you like it,

then definitely check out Carrot Weather.

And then if I remember right,

I think you can even set different views

for different cities.

So if your kid lives in a city that gets a lot of rain

or has more storm alerts,

you can get those information too.

So I hope that helps a little bit.

  • My only question about that,

And I’m not sure if you know this or not, Michael,

is the customization behind the paywall

or is that in the free version?

  • Yep, it is behind the paywall.

  • Okay.

  • Well, you know, the weather app,

the way you were describing it used to work that way.

It’s not working that way anymore on my phone.

But the sad thing is about two years ago,

Apple bought a dark sky.

  • Right.

  • It was a really, really good weather app.

  • Yes, it was.

  • And I thought, wow, in fact,

My daughter who uses an Android had dark sky

and had to pay for it.

And then I was gonna get it for free.

And it was so good that I could be on the paratransit

and the driver could be looking for a particular address.

And dark sky would actually tell me the address

of where we were and what the weather was.

And Apple bought it and they’ve taken dark sky away

and they’ve ruined the weather app.

  • Well, I’ll try one of the other options,

see if there’s work anybody for you.

  • I think you’ll be super happy with carat weather

if you used to use dark sky, I would definitely check it out.

  • All right, thank you very much.

  • All right, have a good one.

  • Next.

  • Hello, Marie.

  • Hi, I have one quick comment and one question.

First quick comment is I don’t know about a Mac,

an Outlook, but Outlook on a Windows PC,

the Alt-Q absolutely works perfectly

’cause I use it all the time.

It works very reliably. – There’s a security word

not on Windows, so thank you for letting me know

it does work.

I thought you might be talking about on a Mac,

because, and I don’t use a Mac,

but no, it works really good on my Windows PC.

My question is, I have a three year old laptop

that I’m thinking about passing along to somebody,

and it’s running Windows 11.

Do you know, they say that the reset feature

in Windows 11 will absolutely reset everything,

and will wipe out all of your data.

Do you know if that’s true?

So for Windows 11, if you go into settings

and you do the reset PC, it will offer you to just reset

or to erase all of the files and reset,

and that will cleanly erase the files.

Of course, when you erase files on a computer,

anyone who kind of knows what they are doing

and needs to, could get access to them,

but that is the most efficient way to just give it away

or to sell the computer.

  • Okay, do you know, this originally came with Windows 10,

but if you do the reset,

it still will be running Windows 11, correct?

  • Yes. – It won’t go back to 10.

  • Yep, you can make it so it’s still on Windows 11.

  • Okay, thank you very much.

That’s it. – No problem,

Marty, I’m gonna step away for about 20 seconds.

  • Okay, who do we have next, Monica?

  • We have Melissa next.

  • Hey, Melissa, how’s it going?

  • I sent an answer on mute with this, Eric.

  • Hey, Eric, how’s it going?

  • Last hand for now, unless Melissa can unmute.

She’s not here, so.

  • Eric can go ahead with his question if he…

I did send it.

OK, I’ve sent it a couple of times, Marty.

OK, let’s move on.

If either we’ll go to Anne.

All right. Sounds good. Hey, Anne.

Can you hear me?

We can hear you. There I am.

Oh, there we go.

OK, go ahead. Wow.

Go ahead, Eric.

This is my first time and I’m on the iPhone

and I download it 16 and I’m having all kinds of bugs.

>> Don’t forget to do all the updates once you get 16 on your phone.

You might want to go back and make sure that you have all of your updates there.

You can get rid of as many bugs as you can get rid of.

>> Okay. I know that I do need to do another update.

I have two questions.

One is with the rotor.

Since I did the updates,

I lost part of my editing rotor functions.

It doesn’t seem like it is where usually go to reset it.

Has anybody had that issue?

>> I think what they do is there’s

some things on the rotor that

are things that they just put on there,

but you could customize a rotor.

So you could take stuff off or put other stuff on,

to kind of customize it to whatever suits you.

So if you want to mess around with the rotor

and either add, change things with it, whatever,

you would go into settings, then accessibility,

and then voiceover, and then rotor.

And then once you’re in the rotor,

then there’s a bunch of settings and changes that you can do.

  • I know, but when you get in there, for example,

before you could go in there and tell it

to like give you, right now,

it won’t even allow me to set a link on the rotor

or where you would be able to do the rotor to set a format.

So it would be easier to do like an application.

>> Right.

>> I thought that that was weird and I did

send a message to Apple about it.

Well, did you go into the settings for the rotor and see if you can add back the things

that you would want to have on your rotor?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been fighting with for the past two days.

So I mean, I’ve been trying to work around it, which is a pain, but you know, if it’s

not working for you, did you try calling Apple Disability and see if they can help you get

the rotor set up?

It should not be this difficult, but if you are having issues, actually the first thing

I would say to do is to update, do all your updates first and then see if you’re able

to do it because there could be some bugs with the updates.

So make sure you get all your updates all the way as far as you can go.

And then if you’re still having trouble with it, I would try calling Apple Disability because

it shouldn’t be this difficult.

My other one is on the Messenger app.

When you want to go into one of the chats,

how exactly do you do that now?

  • Are you talking about like text messages basically?

  • Like, you know how you get alert

that you have a chat message?

  • Right.

  • When you belong to a community.

  • Are you talking about,

This doesn’t sound like the Apple Messages app.

This sounds like something else.

  • It’s part of, I think it’s more or less

part of the Facebook.

  • Oh, Facebook messages or whatever they call it.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • It’s pretty much works the same way

as the Apple Messages app.

You would need to open that app up.

So you have to have that app installed on your phone.

It’s a standalone app on iPhone.

So do you have it installed on your phone right now?

  • I thought I did.

I guess I better double check.

  • Yeah, so the first thing is you would need

to have it installed if you don’t,

but once you have it installed,

then you would do a single finger double tap to open it up.

And then the first thing you’ll see is a list

of all of the people that you message with.

And if you have any groups or whatever,

you click on the one that is the group.

And when you do a single finger double click,

it’ll open up the body of that message.

and then you can actually reply in the message,

just like you would on Apple Messages.

There’ll be a box you can type in or dictate in

and it’ll put your message into the chat.

  • And is there a voice command for that?

  • You could try, if you know exactly what it’s called,

you can try saying or using Siri to say open Facebook

messages or messenger,

I don’t remember exactly what it’s called,

but that’ll only work if you have it installed on your phone.

And if you say something like open messenger, which will, that’s the fastest way to open

Facebook messenger is just to say messenger.

If you don’t have it on your phone, and I was going to drop this as a comment too earlier,

the most reliable way I’ve found for Siri to actually prompt you to go download the

app in the app stores to say open and then the app name.

And if it can’t find it, it’ll say, would you like to search the app store for this?

And you can just double tap on the search button and it takes you right to the page.


Thank you so much.

Yeah, no problem. If you have any issues, come back and let us know.

All right. Thank you.

All right. Ann, go for it.

Can you hear me?

We can hear you.


Sorry about that. Thanks for being nice to me.

Okay. Okay. I’m glad he got in.

There is a new update that came out, what, a couple of days ago, I think.

And a friend always tells me about it. I’m glad she does because I wouldn’t know.

But she said, when you’re downloading it, you download it and then it asks you the same thing again and again and again.

And then she restarted her phone and it worked.

Should you have to do that in the middle of that particular or this particular update that has just come out?

Well, I would think you would never want to turn off your phone or restart at the middle of an update.

That wouldn’t be good.

Well, she had to because it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t let her go forward.

And she said it worked perfectly. So now I’m scared.

Interesting. Uh, I haven’t seen that issue personally, Michael,

you’ve seen this update that came out two days ago or whatever.

Um, so I am on the latest update.

The only time that I’ve ever been told to restart my phone is it’ll,

it’ll walk me through restarting it. And, uh,

then I just double tap on restart and that tells me that it’s fine.

Is it telling, did it tell her to actually go and restart her phone or what?

No, she said it kept telling her to update.

I mean, once she got in the middle of it, whatever that prompt is there, it kept

giving it to her, but it wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t move.

And she figured after three tries, she would, she would just restart the phone.

She restarted the phone and it worked.

So I went through fine.


So, so that sounds like it was just kind of a glitch.

Uh, technology can be technology sometimes.

So I definitely recommend not restarting your phone while you’re doing an update.

But in those instances, sometimes you just got to make a judgment call.

I mean, you can either do it or you can call Apple and they may have you do the

same thing and then you have the reassurance if something does go wrong.

But I definitely get her concern because you, you don’t, you’re always told,

don’t turn it off while it’s updating.

So yeah, I have not seen this though.

No, I’m going to wait till I have siding systems to do this one.

There you go. Whatever makes you comfortable for sure.


No problem, man. Thanks a lot. Who do we have next there, Monica?


Hi there.

Hi. How do I go about uninstalling a JavaScript?

How do you go about uninstalling a JAWS script? Okay, so I am, I may need to follow up with

you via email if I can’t remember off the top of my head, but what you can do is go

into the JAWS utility menu and there’s a option to show JAWS settings path and that will open

the proper JAWS settings path in File Explorer and then in there is the JAWS script files.

But you want to remove the script files and the keyboard manager file as well. And if you

need more directions, I can send that to you via email because I know I kind of butchered it.

This is Chanel.

Okay. Hey, Chanel. Thank you.

Yeah, some of the like the Zoom scripts actually show up and they’re from, if you have the ones from

Brian Harton at least, they show up in the in your you know ad remove and there have been quite a few

updates to the scripts so it may be worth you know making sure that I just double checked and

I only have Teams scripts here.

Oh, okay.

I’m thinking maybe Teams is open in the background and

it’s trying to answer the problem.

That could be your problem, yeah.

Because I think Alt-Y in Teams does answer a call, right?

No, I think it’s control-shift-J.

Oh, okay. Because you were saying it was saying answer call.

I don’t know what’s going on. It’s weird.

But it’s not to fix it on my laptop, only my desktop.

So another thing to try, Ibrahim, is in Zoom, do JAWS Key Q and C1.

Oh, I checked all my hotkeys default.


Well, I was reading JAWS Key Q to see what version of scripts the JAWS was loading on your laptop

versus the desktop to see maybe there’s different version numbers on each of the computers.

So we can have Zoom in focus if you do JAWS Key Q, it’ll tell you that.


Hopefully that helps a little bit or drop us an email and we can try to send you

some follow-up directions for manually removing scripts. And it might be worth playing with

Brian’s scripts because you can download those for free to see if they work.

Brian Hartchen from Hartchen Consultancy. If you just search for H-A-R-T-G-E-N

Zoom scripts, you’ll find it right away. He has a free version and a paid version of JAWS scripts

that provide additional functionality for Zoom individuals using JAWS.

And actually the free version is already built into JAWS now.

But the paid, I’m trying to remember the paid basically allows you more

customization of your alerts and there’s a couple other things I just can’t remember.

So, yep.

Thanks so much.

Thanks, Janelle.

Thanks, Abraham.

Appreciate it.

Uh, we have about 10 minutes left.

Who do we have next, Monica?

Bell Mills is next.

Hey, Bill.


Can you hear me?

We can hear you.


I have a Zoom concern here.

It seems like today is a lot of questions about Zoom.

This one, I’m a member of a Bible group.

Every week they send an ID and a password.

do not send out a link and all every week it’s it’s a different ID and password. So

this time I could only enter the ID and and you know I went to join meeting and so on and I just

and I went into settings and couldn’t make heads or tails out of anything. You know I just don’t

know what to do and I’m scared to death to do they only send out the phone number or do they send out

I’d click here. Oh, they just all they do, they don’t, they just send you the number, they send you

them, like they say ID, and they’ll give you a number, and you have to put it in. And this is on

this week, I worked with my computer. Sometimes I go to the iPhone. Oh, oh, I tried both, both. So,

this week, and I never could get in. So I don’t understand it. I have tried to get them,

or I talked to somebody about, please send me a link.


And I think a lot of people would be happy with that.

  • They don’t send you one that says join now?

  • Join, no, no.

  • There’s a lot of times when they send out

a Zoom invitation, they’ll send like a link

and then also the phone numbers.

  • This is a separate thing from the community.

This is here in town.

  • So they just send you the participant code?

  • They just send the codes.

  • Or the meeting ID.

Yeah. And so you have to, so what to do.

So, bell, are you trying to access this on the blind shell or the iPhone?

Cause I know you’re on both.

Well, the blind shell, I just can’t seem to get that going.

So I have the iPhone and I do some zooming on that, but I have to use my keyboard,

you know, Apple keyboard.

I hope nobody criticizes me for that.

But anyway, so, but this time.

I was not able to get anywhere.

So send us an email.

First of all, thank you for your email about pricing.

I definitely, that was a good read.

Appreciate you sharing that with us.

Um, and, and send us an email as well though, because, uh, apparently

I accidentally turned dictation on.

And so my wife was getting a dictated message of what I was saying.

Anyway, send us an email and I’ll test it on my end because I think, uh, the, first

of all, I want to see why you can’t use zoom on the blind shell.

Let’s troubleshoot that.

So that works for you.

And secondly, um, I think if you go to join meeting, it should just ask you for

the passcodes or for the meeting ID.

So if it’s not, let’s figure out why it’s not.

Well, see it asked for the ID, but it won’t give me, it, it won’t let me put in a password.

Even after you hit ID and then join.

And, and yeah, that’s when you hit join, it should prompt you for the passcode

then and it’s not, no.



Shoot me an email.

Let’s play with that one.





No problem.

Thanks for coming.

  • Thanks. Have a good one.


  • Yes, we have Malcolm and Herbie

and you got six minutes.

  • All right.

  • All right, let’s try and knock these points out.

  • Let’s make it make Malcolm.

How’s it going?

  • Good, good, good.

I have a question about an update

that you were just speaking about.

On my iPhone 13, it has iOS security response,

16.4.1 parentheses, little a parentheses.

Is this an update we should do?

It says the rapid security response update.

  • Anytime there’s an update,

especially regarding security, I would suggest doing it.

  • Yes, yeah, yeah.

And there’s not a major update,

so you’re not going from like 16.4 to 16.5.

So the point updates, the 16.4.1 generally,

obviously not all the time,

doesn’t fix accessibility problems

that may have already been broken or vice versa.

So those are typically safe to do

and it keeps your stuff secure.

OK, thank you.

No problem, Malcolm. Thank you.

All right, Janet.

Hello, Janet.

Hello. Yesterday, Apple was having a bug

when people tried to install the 16.4 point A.

But I think today people might be might be able to get

get the install, get it, get it, get it to install because you got

verify, verify the secure or whatever in it.

Kept saying it was failing and it was it was it was on it was on Apple site. Okay. Good to know

Updating yesterday try to get and should be able to install the update today

Perfect because they were they were I guess they were

Rolling it out and it was rolling out slowly

So like five percent of the people would get it and then another hour ten percent or what, you know, whatever

So, yeah, I just thought I’d mention that and y’all have a great day

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

And so if you had problems updating yesterday or recently, then try the update again and

hopefully that’ll fix it.

Marty, look at that time.

We did great.

And I got a dryer installed during the hour and signed the papers and everything.

There we go.

And we wrapped it up with four minutes.

So you want to tell people how to get in contact and close it out?

And thank you, Monica.


Thanks everyone for being here for another Unmute.

And thanks Monica and Herbie for helping us out today.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything else,

you can reach us at

And we’ll see you guys next week.

Thanks a lot.


(upbeat music)

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