Unleashing the Power of Mac GPT for Content Creation

Show Notes: In this episode of Unmute Presents, we explore the capabilities of Mac GPT, a powerful chatbot that can assist with content creation and more. We discuss how to set it up, demonstrate its use, and showcase how it can be integrated into your workflow for increased productivity.

Unmute Presents – Mac GPT


[0:04] Hey there, and welcome to this Unmute Presents podcast. I want to thank Chanel for coming to our Tuesday call and asking that we do this.
If you have something you’d like to hear from us, remember we’re live in ACB community every Tuesday at 10am pacific time.

[0:21] That’s 1pm eastern visit acb.community for more information.
So on Tuesday, Chanel wanted us to talk a little more about what is Mac GPT?
How are we using it? And can we give some quick demonstrations of what we’re doing to get it to work? So I’m going to go over the app. I’m not going to go fully in depth, but I’d love to answer any questions after the show.
And if you have any questions, reach out to feedback at yourownpay.com or ask us live on Tuesdays.
In order to use chat GPT with Mac GPT, I know a lot of letters.
You need to either have a premium account through chat GPT or an API key.
I don’t think for your council work, and I’m sure someone will correct me on that if that is incorrect.
I am using the API key method. If you Google Mac stories SGPT, then you’ll find a great article which will give you some explanations of how to set up your API key and how you can go ahead and make sure you don’t get overcharged because this can become very addicting.
Now, once you do that, you can put your API key or log in to Mac GPT.
So get it all set up. And once you have that set up, you’ll see something like.

[1:41] Application, Mac GPT, Mac GPT, window, edit text.

[1:44] And that says Mac GPT window, edit text.
Now, if you just open the app, you don’t have to do this, but I want to show you something that I think can make a big difference to people.
If we do VO home toolbar, and we locate that toolbar and we interact with it.

[2:00] Until bar five items, native selected radio button.

[2:02] One of two, we have a couple of options that you can pick from.
If you signed in with the web, then just leave it on web. I leave mine on native experiment and see what works best for you. But I’m going to go to the end of this toolbar clear button group. And we’re going to press VL space on that.
This is a brand new conversation with ChatGPT and me.
So I’m going to stop interacting with the toolbar, go to the end of the page, and then press VL left arrow once, twice to the edit text. And I’ll go ahead and select that.
And now I’m going to prompt chat GPT, and I’m going to say, you’re a chat bot that is being demoed.
Oh, comma and say hi to Chanel. She’s the reason we’re doing this episode this week, period.

[3:01] Oh, and say hi to Chanel. She is the reason we’re doing this episode this week.

[3:04] And I’ll hit enter. And now if you press VO end, you’ll hear stop button.

[3:09] Here, stop button.

[3:10] That means it’s still working. If you don’t hear stop, then it’s all the way done. So let’s press VL left arrow because we don’t hear it.

[3:17] Send a message, edit text.

[3:19] And then press VL left arrow one more time. And this is a list.
This is where our conversation is. So we’ll interact with this. Enlist.

[3:26] You’re a chat bot that is being demoed on a podcast. Say hi to the listeners and remind them to stay subscribed to unmute presence. Oh, and say hi to Chanel.
She is the reason we’re doing this episode this week.

[3:33] And we’ll press VL right arrow to hear what the chat bot came back with.

[3:37] Hello listeners. I am a chat, but being demoed on this podcast, thank you for tuning in and listening to the show. Don’t forget to stay subscribed to unmute presence for more interesting and informative episodes and a special shout out to Chanel for making this episode possible. Thank you.

[3:46] If we press via right arrow, 63 tokens, $0.00.

[3:49] 0 1 2 6.

[3:51] That’s how much money I spent for that specific transaction.
And that’s a very important thing that is not shown to you by default.
So let me show you two more things. If we stop interacting with this list and we press via left arrow, top button image toolbar to the toolbar and interact with it in toolbar five items native selected radio button one of two we now have some additional options that are available including web rate your shape fill copy button group copy which will copy the entire conversation Now, let’s clear this.
And I’m going to go show you in preferences, a couple of things you might want to be aware of. So like you can on any other Mac app, well, any other well-designed Mac app, you can press command comma.

[4:37] Now in general window GPT 3.5 turbo API model pop up button.

[4:41] And this lets you choose the GPT model 3.5 turbos, what most users have.
But the one thing that I wanted to show you is toolbar.
If you go from the toolbar at the top of the screen to show tokens per message, check checkbox.
By default, that’s unchecked, so you won’t see how much you’re spending, but if it’s something you really want to pay attention to, then you can go check that checkbox and you’ll see those tokens with the amount of money that’s been spent. Let’s command W out of here.

[5:08] Map GPT, window, toolbar.

[5:10] And as I recommend, go poke around in the settings because you can make some preference changes and one of which you’ll see here in a moment. Oh, launch, launch bar.

[5:20] Application.

[5:21] Press and hold D for drafts.

[5:23] Drafts, drafts, draft, blank, window, edit text, beginning of text.

[5:26] And now I’m going to blank edit text. If I press up arrow, beginning of text, nothing there. If I press down arrow, end of text, nothing there.
So now I’m going to type the first change that you’ll notice that’s different than default.
If I type slash GPT followed by, and I’m going to dictate this.
Say hello to all of the listeners of the unmute presents podcast period.
You’re being demonstrated in a live, well, I guess, pre-recorded show period.
And I’ll tap the control key to stop the dictation.
And if I hit shift enter, you’ll hear a sound and then And I didn’t edit any of that out because I wanted you to hear what voiceover would do.
Now if I press my down arrow.

[6:24] I’m at the bottom and there’s some new stuff on this text.

[6:31] So let’s do command up arrow. And I’m going to read this entire screen.

[6:36] Misspelled GPT say hello to all of the listeners of the unmute present podcast.
You’re being demonstrated in a live. Well, I guess prerecorded show.
Hello to all the listeners of the unmute present podcast. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this live demonstration. And I hope that I can be of assistance to you all. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to ask.
And I’ll do my best to assist you. Thank you for having me on the show.

[6:51] And as you can see that auto filled and your prompt was still at the top of the draft.
So if you wanted to rewrite it or readdress that thing, you can again, by default, you use plus GPT for me. I prefer slash and I went in and changed that in the preferences.
So how do I use chat GPT? Well, let me give you one last example.
And it’s something that I think might be good for you to observe.
And I opened map GPT by using command space, typing MA and holding C.
So this is a way that I use it. I’m going to go through my workflow and just dictate what I’m doing. If it doesn’t make sense, then just assume that I’m dictating.
You’re an assistant to a podcast host who needs to promote their latest episode.
Period. Create me some marketing messages I can post on LinkedIn, comma.

[7:50] Ideas for pictures I can post on Instagram with captions, comma.
And then what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead and let it finish typing that out.
And then I’m going to hit shift enter.
I’m going to paste this in and then here’s what we’re going to see is something.
When I hit enter, um, it’s going to start working and I’m going to VO left arrow.
And I think you’ll hear the sound. I’m not sure if you will, but voiceover will be freaking out and I’ll show you that here in a moment.

[8:23] Okay. So I’m going to hit enter. freaking out and I’ll show you that here in a moment.

[8:24] So this is it typing away and you can verify that by pressing V O N. Stop button.

[8:29] And it says stop generating stop button.

[8:34] It still says stop. And I’ll show you what it gives me here in a couple of moments with the material that I gave chat GPT, which actually chat GPT gave me in the first place.
So let me play for you everything that it heard and what it came back with and what we spent.

[8:50] In list. youtube short idea. three tech stories with. you’re an assistant to a podcast host, who needs to promote their latest episode. create me some marketing messages. i can post on linkedin. ideas for pictures. i can post on instagram with captions. and some ideas for short form blog post to promote this episode.
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YouTube short idea, three tech stories with an accessibility view.
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[9:51] And so that was the data that it gave me. And now here’s some LinkedIn post ideas.

[9:56] Are you up to date with the latest tech news? Check out our latest episode of Friday finds where we explore subscriptions, scams and privacy with an accessibility view. Join us for a deep dive into the latest changes in the tech world.
Our latest Friday finds episode covers everything from voice dream reader to app side loading on iPhones.
Want to stay informed and safe in the digital marketplace. Tune into our latest episode of Friday finds where we provide tips, Instagram, caption ideas.
Police car revolving light, new episode alert, police car revolving light.
This week on Friday finds we’re exploring the latest in tech news with an accessibility view tune in for insights on subscriptions, scams, and privacy, and that is some ideas that it gave me and I cut some of those out because there was a lot in there.

[10:27] And as you can see, this is how I can use chat GPT, and then I can go in and copy some of these use the clipboard manager and launch bar to be able to get back to them.
And hopefully that helps you a little bit with being able to leverage max GPT in your workflow and be more productive when it comes to producing.
This is Michael again with unmute presents available as a replay on your favorite podcast platform. Check us out on Tuesdays, 10 AM Pacific time. And that’s 1pm Eastern.

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