November news and three embarrassing stories – your own pay podcast

In this podcast i take a few moments to give you a brief review of what’s going to happen next month with the your own pay podcast. I also share three embarrassing stories that occurred to me when I was younger. Don’t let embarrassment hold you back, but allow it to be a motivator for getting better things accomplished and demolishing all of your excuses. Do you have any embarrassing stories you would like to share with us? How has embarrassment affected your life? Leave a comment and let us know. If you have to to feel better about the situation, feel free to change any names necessary!


In this episode from the your own pay podcast, I mentioned the motivation for why I decided to talk a little about embarrassing stories from my past. The image I discuss in this podcast can be found below, and if you’re not seeing the image on this posting then click through to the your own pay blog and podcast, and check out the show notes for this episode. I thought it was a very fitting thing for the individual who is featured in the image to have said when talking about it being embarrassing sitting in occupied chairs. 



Amanda Keleher of Tucson, Arizona, was at The Seeing Eye in August to be matched with her second Seeing Eye dog, a black…

Posted by The Seeing Eye, Inc. on Saturday, October 31, 2015


Not only do I talk about embarrassing situations in this podcast, but I mention that I’m going to be interviewing people on the blab network this month. If you’re not part of the Blab, but you have a Twitter account, I recommend you at least sign up today. You don’t have to engage with us live, however having an account will allow you the opportunity to. If you are a visually impaired individual using the blab service, note that it does need to be used from chrome so Chromevox may be necessary for you to interact with it. They do also have an iOS application that is fairly accessible, it could be improved and I’ve provided some feedback to their support team. More people providing feedback though definitely couldn’t hurt. Download blab in the APP Store Here.


Are you blind or visually impaired and passionate about what you do? If so, then contact me today so we can schedule an interview so you can share your message with the world. Empowering the world to demolish all excuses from stories of the blind. 


Don’t forget I am starting to do videos for AWeber training, check it out here.


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