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Make coffee with me in this your own pay podcast where I discuss with you my reflections on the staff at leadpages. In my earlier podcast I recorded titled three tools a blind business owner should be using, I explained that there are a few excess ability hurdles with the leadpage software. However, these hurdles are easily able to be worked around especially when you have a willing staff at the company you’re trying to work with who are supportive of the feedback you provided. In addition, when you express your gratitude for a company on Twitter and they engage with you because you’re expressing that gratitude, that says a lot about the company and those who work for it.


boom! growing to like @leadpages more and more as i figure out ways to use even with #a11y problems !!! #NeverGiveUp #NoExcuses

— Michael Babcock (@PayOwn) October 27, 2015


If you weren’t aware I teach other blind individuals how to build the foundation of their brand for their business online, and then expand that brand to live streaming. Being completely blind myself and working with other blind individuals, excess ability of a platform is obviously a concern. However, one of my other concerns that i have is that my pages look decently to a cited user, and since I have no vision often this can be A challenging feet to make my pages look sleek and sexy too a sighted  user! However, leadpages provides templates that are highly converting, and instructions as to what size images or videos need to be to fit within the constraints of the template itself. This is  very useful, as I can send images to a virtual assistant, and ask him or her to resize the image to the specified dimensions and then easily implement it into a website without having to worry about if it’s covering up the text.


As soon as I become more familiar with the leaguepage platform and am able to explain what I’m doing to make it work I’ll be recording some videos to help you get through the challenges that might be encountered for a blind user using leadpages. I have created several different capture pages and sales pages for myself and clients of mine, and it’s not as difficult as I make it sound at times however it’s not as easy as it may be,  editing a page in WordPress for example. Lead pages support though is always willing to help you, and if it’s necessary they can access your account to help make modifications on the page and or on a Page you’re working on. In some cases, this isn’t the type of support you’ll see from a company, so I’m glad to say that they are willing to work with us. Reflecting on this fact, it makes me want to refer you also to my three reasons a blind person shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions posting I did yesterday, because one instance of that is I would have just assumed that leadpages would be unwilling to help me with my pages but I actually asked for help, and they helped me finish what I was trying to do.


So this is just a quick reflection on my feelings towards the leaguepage staff, and how willing they are to help when challenges arise so that people like you and I can get back to what we enjoy doing. Have you ever had a positive experience when it comes to a mainstream product or service being inaccessible , and you express your desire to use that product or service however you can’t because of excess ability challenges? What were your experiences? I’d like to hear both positive and negative, because we all can change The world together but it starts with small steps! Lets discuss it in the comments.


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