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In this your own pay podcast, I discuss with you a service that I use that is free for saving time and automating your Internet tasks. I also explained to you that yes there are alternative services to accomplish the tasks that this service can accomplish, however I’ve found this particular service to be the most accessible for a screen reader user. I am open to feedback if anyone else using screen readers have tried alternative services, and what your findings are with those services. In addition, though I’ve only been using the service for I don’t know, two years or so, I’ve just learned about a new aspect of the service that I’ve never considered using before. My man Rick had introduced me to this, check out his website here.


Take a listen to this your own pay podcast to learn more about why I enjoy using this service. In addition, you can also reference the video above to actually hear the service in action. Note, that video is just about two years old, so that platform might look a bit different than what it does then now. That’s okay, if you want one-on-one assistance with the service, then you need to be on the your own pay podcast club waiting list. One of the featured episodes I’ve got coming to club members is an actual demonstration of how you can use this service to increase your Twitter following automatically. Sound interesting? Click here and get on the waiting list or simply send a text message to:


Just containing the word  Payown


Some of the tasks I perform now are automated with additional services, however I still use this service to help me with automation of my additional everyday necessary tasks. I’m also using this service to document my time, it’s an efficient way to quickly be able to document time and review that time to see where you’re spending the most of it at. What are some of your daily Internet tasks that you would like to automate? Leave me a comment and I’ll let you know if I know of any ways to automate those either with this service, or alternative services that might be user-friendly.


Like always, if you get any value or inspiration out of this podcast or any other podcast I posted, then definitely subscribe to the your own pay podcast club. However, I’d also like to invite you to share this podcast with your following if you think that they might find some value in it as well. Remember, if you’re reading this or hearing  this on iTunes, stitcher, or any other podcast directory, please leave me positive feedback and reviews about content you like me to cover in the future. Never stop being amazing, and be sure to make today the best day of your life then, do it again tomorrow.


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