Should My Web Host Host My Podcast? – Your Own Pay Podcast

In this scope cast, I talk with you about the three reasons you should not use WordPress to host your podcast. Even though not using WordPress to host your podcast might be a slightly larger annual investment for you, most often payable monthly, it will save you frustrations and more importantly save your listeners from being frustrated as well. Take a listen to this Your Own Pay scope cast to hear the three reasons I feel you should not use WordPress or your web hosting to host your podcast especially if you’re on shared hosting.


Often hosts that are dedicated to podcast hosting, have servers around the United States and the world so that your listeners can download your podcast quicker. In this day and age, there doesn’t need to be any snags when it comes to downloading your content, and you will receive some sort of snag if you use your own WordPress or shared hosting to host your podcast. Take a listen to today’s podcast so that you can hear the three primary reasons, obviously there are a few more, that you should not use WordPress to host your podcasts. If your looking for an alternative host for your podcast the one i mention in this Scope cast, Libsyn.


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