There are still things I need to know

There are things I want to know, that’s the biggest reason that people I speak with don’t get started with taking action. To be honest with you, that’s one of the reasons why I had difficulties with taking action myself, and getting started with events that would change my life. Unfortunately, I felt that it was necessary to know everything in order to start a project, versus starting a project and evolving it to be better as it goes.


In this episode I talk with you a little bit about how I’m nervous for the interview I’m doing in a couple of hours, the interview will have been concluded by the time you receive this podcast, and I also talk with you about an incident when I jumped off of a train trestle. I didn’t know everything about jumping off of the train trestle, however I did learn a valuable lesson that can be applied to future times that I make jumps such as the one I explained in this podcast. I also have a bit of rambling in this episode, so definitely give it a listen and leave your feedback below.


The first interview that I did is this one, with Vashawn Jones of Fedora Outlier, you can hear the difference between my interview style then, and now by taking a listen to the interview I’ll be hosting on the podcast tomorrow. Are you able to tell a difference in my interview style? If so, let me know your thoughts of it.


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I’ll be the first to admit that there are things I want to know, however I have to learn as i move forward and take action to make things happen.