Three ways Facebook destroyed my motivation without me realizing it

In today’s podcast we chat about three ways that Facebook
destroyed my motivation without me even realizing it. If you get
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If you’re anything like me, you probably spend way too much time
on Facebook looking and learning. I had to leave over 400 Facebook
groups that yes we’re related to work from home groups, however I
was spending way too much time learning and not implementing.
Unfortunately a lot of the groups that I was also a member of were
pretty much spam groups with no moderation, so they turned out to
just be a waste of time. At the time of recording this podcast, I’m
only a member of 2 groups and am active in both of those groups. In
the past, it was my true intention to participate in those groups,
however it simply just became too overwhelming to keep up with


Even though I left over  400 Facebook groups, and am now
only actively in to Facebook groups, IM open to exploring engaging
with you in a blindness related Facebook group. If we are friends,
feel free to invite me to a group you think I might be able to
bring value to. If I can’t bring any value to the group, I will
just leave, and prevent people from inviting me to the group in the


The second way that Facebook destroyed my motivation without me
even realizing it is that I wanted to be what everyone else
appeared to be. I saw that others have what I wanted, but I didn’t
want to do what was needed in order to get there. To be frankly
honest, I was lazy. I would start to perform the tasks necessary to
reach the goals I was trying to reach, however when things didn’t
happen as quickly as I expected them to I would give up. The fact
that I only tried what I was seeing on Facebook and limited myself
to what I believe was possible however didn’t receive the results
that others  receiving, I believe is one way that Facebook
destroyed  my motivation without me even realizing


Did you know that when you watch your numbers it’s possible that
you’ll end up working less? If not the case for you, then you’re
probably not like me. however,  When I watched my numbers on
social media, how many friends I have, how many likes I had, I
would become less motivated. See, most who don’t reach their goals
would work harder to achieve them.  I however expected fast
growth. And again, I thought I was doing everything necessary to be
able to reach the goals I set myself based on what others have
achieved and seeing what they posted on Facebook…


If you’re not growing the way you expect to be, then stop
looking at your Facebook friend count.  Unfortunately now,
most marketers face the success of a Facebook advertising campaign
on the size of a friends list or reach of your Fanbase. If you’re
not reaching the goals with  your profile or fan page that you
want to, why not start tracking other stats for example leads
acquired from Facebook or sales made from advertising campaigns.
Maybe event or webinar registrations.


According to a Facebook study called
looking at profile boost self-esteem but decreases 
. Found on the medical daily site,  reiterates
the aforementioned points. Take a look at the article and see if
you’re suffering from some of these motivation problems while
constantly checking out your profile.


Hopefully you got some value out of today’s podcast regarding
the three ways that Facebook destroyed my motivation without me
even realizing it. You know, if it destroyed my motivation without
me even realizing it, it’s very possible your motivation is
impacted as well. Just because today’s episode is focused around
Facebook doesn’t mean that Twitter is destroying your motivation,
or maybe even your email, possibly one of those other habits you
have that you do on a daily bases?


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