Thrive With Automation on Thursdays

Let’s talk about using automation to thrive on Thursday! In
order to thrive You need to automate things in order to spend more
time with those you care about and eliminate things you find that
you’re redundantly doing. If you’re getting any value out of
today’s episode don’t forget to share with you’re favorite social
media because someone else you might be connected with probably
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As you know on fridays I air interviews from passionate
professional blind individuals. Sometimes coordinating all that
needs to be coordinated with that can be a bit difficult. One thing
that I’ve found is I’m able to automate my calendar by using a
calendar app to book schedules.
People go to the website which allows them to book an appointment
with me for their interview. It’s helped me save time and also
gives people an easy way to remember the interview is coming up by
automatically sending an email reminder.

Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your
customers and prospects. Try new systems if that’s what you’re into
or work with what you’re familiar with. I’m going to try Convert
Kit in the near future because it will help automate everything in
my business. Check out our Youtube
to check out some of the videos I’ll be posting.

One great automation tool is If This Then That, which helps
automate and connect several services. However this can be a bit
redundant because there are tools that automate some of the same
things. Another service is Zapier which will connect other services
that IFTTT doesn’t integrate with. A great twitter automation tool
is Tweepi Bulk Default Action.

Is seeing tech trainings like this and learning how I went from
six hundred followers to over 2100 followers in a week and a half
something you’re interested in hearing? Leave your comments and
tell me what you’re interested in learning about. 5412154433. You
can also hit me up on twitter or use this

Tomorrow I’m going to chat with you about a guy named Mike. This
guy is passionate about sharing his love for music. He is selling
his course teaching you how to use Garage Band and other tools.
You’re going to love some of the other interviews I’ve got coming
up in the near future. So once again don’t forget that if you’ve
enjoyed today’s podcast feel free to share with your favorite
social media and get in contact via Twitter. Also remember that if
you’ve gotten use out of these show notes you should definitely
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the person behind the writing and see the great things being
offered over there.

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