thriving by not fighting with the tools your working with

thriving by not fighting with the tools your working with In today’s episode I want to chat with you about thriving by not fighting with the tools you’re working with. As you might be aware, Thursday my primary focus is to chat about ways you can thrive. Recently I’ve been talking about utilizing automation, and unfortunately one of the major drawbacks that come with automation typically is that it’s not normally an accessible experience. That being said however, not all experiences are horrible. This week i signed up for the service Convertkit after looking at Cynthia’s account while working with her on some projects. My initial impression was that the system appeared to be accessible as i helped her set her follow-up sequence up. I created my own account and jumped right in creating videos while i started creating things in my account. To say that this platform is accessible for blind users i feel would be an understatement.

Before we get back into thriving by not fighting with the tools you’re working with, I’ve got a little bit of housekeeping I need to take care of. If at any point you decide to click the Convertkit links found in this article, know that I will receive a 30% commission on whatever you pay for your services. You will not be charged anymore, but by clicking a link found in any of my content, you are helping financially grow the your own pay podcast. If you’d rather I not receive a commission for you making your decision on purchasing Convertkit, simply go to Google and type Convertkit in get signed up. No hard feelings to me.

The second reason I am fond of Convertkit on top of the fact that it is accessible is that there is a very clean interface. More often than not with software as a service companies, like Convertkit is, I see that companies try to add a lot of bells and whistles to give their consumers as many features as possible. This is great, unless excess ability is not considered. I am thankful that Convertkit either considered accessibility, or realize that providing a clean interface will allow all users to access their platform, there are one or two things that could be improved on however for the most part I’m able to do everything! Even select the subscriber fill information so I can personalize my messages independently without having to memorize confusing codes.

In complete transparency, the conversion kit platform is about $10 more then AWeber the email marketing service I primarily recommended. In my opinion however, though it’s $10 more a month it’s well worth having access to all of the features without having to jump through any loopholes. In addition, I found that the usability of Convertkit is a bit easier at least from a screen reader user’s point of view. finally, the fact that you can integrate it with your own website and brand yourself, is obviously a major plus for me. You can reference the 3rd video in the playlist above to see an example of this. Remember that Convertkit can also integrate with 3rd party services as well to automate the capturing of leads.

Tomorrow on our fantastic Friday interviews, you’re going to have an opportunity to hear Steve sawczyn and I chat about how we’ve known each other forever! It’s impressive how long he’s known me, longer than my son’s been alive.

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