Why Configuring WordPress Is The Only Skill You Need

Why Configuring WordPress is the only skill you need


In this podcast I talk with you regarding the topic of Why Configuring WordPress is the only skill you need. in order to get started with building your business online, you could use the skills you have in a few of these ways. I briefly discuss this, and will have options for you to learn more with personal assistance in the Your Own Pay Podcast Club,  Click Here For The Waiting List.


Knowing how to configure WordPress can start conversations with people who you may have never had an opportunity to talk with. An example of this can be heard in the Your Own Pay Podcast Interviews when i’m talking with people who want to do what they are driven to do.   You can  connect with those wonderful individuals, especially if what they do will help you with transforming the way you do things in life and business. The knowledge of installing and configuring WordPress also can connect you with people when doing research for issues that may arise while hosting your own blog. 


Coming in the next week, i’ll have a podcast that’s going to just go to podcast club members that have current access, and if your on the waiting list i’ll give you an early glimpse of  that material before anyone else, so text 44222 the word payown. and be the first to here anything coming up.


Tonight at 8:00PM i’ll be hosting a blab live in Seattle, while I travel to the  east coast to be partnered with a guide dog from the Seeing Eye. I would love to share any of my ideas with you,  so that you can earn more with your knowledge.  You will also have a chance to ask questions of others that ay join us live. Some of these ideas of mine have come from training i’ve invested into from Darren Monroe at Charge More Money. I’m still learning, so if i don’t do something right or if my personality style doesn’t fit with what  your doing he’s the guy you want to see if has a program that would help you get to what your looking to accomplish.  That is, if your looking to charge more money in your existing business, however good luck connecting with him one on one. He’s only working with around 2% of the people applying for his knowledge. I don’t say this to brag, but to let you know that i haven’t invested in all of his knowledge and I know that he knows so much more then what i’m doing, but I can take the knowledge i’ve learned and share mine with him the same way you could share your knowledge doing the same things i’m doing to help you.



I think the phrase is fail, fast, forward.


I don’t know everything, however the knowledge I do have will be repurposed from this blab into other content to help others, so that i can both be educated as well as connect with people who can help you and I.


Knowing WordPress configuration will also let you  learn what problems you can solve for those who you are connected to already  simply by discussing the knowledge you have for them. Or, as discussed in todays podcast you could use your knowledge to do what a friend of mine is doing and that is build websites for people. When your building websites for people, you would have an opportunity to market that company and make more money when your learning about building websites. In addition to the how to send an email with AWeber free video i shared here, i’ll be sharing other videos and live content. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, or of course connect on the your own pay podcast club waiting list.


Taking your knowledge of configuring WordPress could be used to market your technology training company to people who may need trained. The other thing is that people could connect you with someone who might need your help if your not a fit for the training you provide to your existing clients. You may not have the time to learn WordPress configuration and I completely understand that. Lets say that you have sales skills, why not do the following.


Take the knowledge of sales that you have learned with  your life experiences and share that knowledge with your current connections. Providing consistent  education in a direct concentration (assisting blind business owners with building the foundation of there digital brand online and expanding to social media), Educating you with the knowledge i have threw several different platforms,  and sharing ideas. Eventually i’ll have most of this automated, and I want to help you do the same. As I told a friend of mine The Blind Blogger, I learned  that in all cases people are not paying  me what i’m worth, because they could take this knowledge  and build an unstoppable business with it. I don’t know everything as i’ve said, however what I know will help you.


Connect with me on blab, and keep an eye out on the podcast. I have some amazing and useful content coming to those who like this and they will love it. Also to read more of my ideas, you should read “The blog post i wrote the other day called the boys are asleep.


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