Why do i need to be building an email list

E3 of the Your Own Pay Podcast,  Why do I need to be building an email list.

Yesterday I answered the question of why do I need to be building an email list over a Facebook page, check it out here.

Tomorrow is an episode about why you need an email list over your subscriber count. That’s thanks to J.R. The raw interview I’ll share with you below we did a couple of months ago.


Hey Hey, Michael Babcock here and thanks a lot for coming to join us today. Today we are talking about why you need to be building an email list, and why you should be doing it now. It’s my goal to get you this content every day in less then 10 minutes, while maybe your going to work or sipping on that hot cup of coffee. If you like todays episode, share it on your favorite social media site, someone will love it two.

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I’ve been talking about how having control of your list and subscribers, gives you control of what your subscribers see vs those social media sites. As you should be aware now, it’s not to help your business Facebook and Twitter stay around, but to help themselves; both companies are for profit. That being said, I’m going to give you a couple more reasons about why you need to be building an email list.

Before that, lets get the daily tip and story.

Todays tip is to listen to other podcasts. Read other blogs, or check out other youtube channels. It’s important to know what others are talking about in your community so you know what they are doing especially if your wanting to do the same thing. Why not if it’s working for them, but put your own spin on it so you can do better.

As I was creating this weeks content together related to email marketing, I listened to fellow blind internet marketers, Two Blind Marketers podcast the Small Business Puzzle Podcast. In Episode 14, Autoresponders, they define a lot of the terms used when it comes to building a list online, so give it a listen. I do have to give Mike and Teresa a bit of hell however, they didn’t mention my favorite autoresponder, Convertkit. Check that tool out if your looking for real accessible and powerful email marketing services.

Listen to this episode to learn how I want to help you avoid making the mistakes I made. Your going to learn how all of this information is going to be given to you for free, however if you ever have a chance to join me in any program or coaching package i’m releasing, give it serious consideration.


So why do you need to be building an email list? Your email list is your most valuable commodity, email isn’t dead. The point of this is that you need an email address to sign up for most things, so why not build a relationship with the list of contacts your gathering. You wouldn’t throw away a rolodex of contacts would you? So why not build your email list the right way and make something happen with it.

Listen to the episode for the second reason you need to be building an email list.

Michael here, and I’m coaching blind business owners on how to build there business online, taking care of all of the technical shit so you don’t have to. If you want to chat about how I can help you with your current business, get in contact with me today.

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