Why We Keep It Coming and You Should Two

1. Why we keep it coming, and you should two

scheduling and future outlooks  has helped

know that i have knowledge people want to here

shout-out to Ben, Gerald, Max, Marlin, Amanda,  Des, tom, Aaron, Jessica, Ashley, Chris, Lisa, Cynthia, Bianca, YVONNE, Rebeca, Brandon,  Lyndon

you two if you have been listening

2. Basing my results on financially what i have done

Not impressed with where i am

figuring out what i’m doing all day and why i’m not where i want

one of my biggest problems is that i’ve gone back to doing everything

was working with a VA back in May, but she disappeared

It also doesn’t help i’m not making a lot of money

and maybe your at this point, and why you need to think about Why we keep it coming, and you should two

3. Working with someone now

who is blind, Aaron Linson  

he is editing the audio of my podcast interviews

bringing every wednesday

See i enjoy editing audio, like this one

but don’t want to spend two much time doing the things i don’t like

Also working with Amit for show notes out of india.

4. If your asking why you keep it coming

ask if your asking this because your burnt out

or if not where you want to be

and figure out what your doing

and how that is helping or hurting your progress

and figure out why

5. Want to provide better lives

For my Family, My Clients, and my team

yes in this order, family comes first

giving a wonderful experience for clients

ends up with wonderful experience for team

6. This is why i keep it coming and you should two