Saturday Weekly Recap for Nov 19th

This is your Saturday weekly recap of the content produced in the 54 minutes and 36 seconds we spent together during the week ending November 19, 2016.


When you listen to today’s episode, you’ll notice that there is a new sound to the podcast!


I’d like to thank Drew Weber (Real Imaging Production) for the amazing imaging work that he did to make the podcast sound the way it sounds. If you’d like his work for your podcasts, reach out to me using your favorite social media for just via email! My email addresses found in today’s podcast.


First of all, Monday we discussed how perfection prevents progress, if you’re anything like me sometimes trying to be a perfectionist prevents you from being able to do what you know you need to do in order to make changes happen. Listen to today’s episode for more details about the episode we posted on Monday once again title perfection prevents progress.


Wednesday, passionate professional blind individuals – Dreevay The Blind Way Forward was a chat that me and Marlon of the blind way forward had. Marlon is from Trinidad and Tobago, and has an amazing outlook on life for someone who just lost vision five years ago. If you’re looking to connect with a passionate  professional blind individual then you need to be sure to check out Wednesday’s episode.

Yesterday, archiving and deleting cards in Trello with your eyes closed, you learned what the differences are in regards to archiving and deleting your carts. I also walk you through the process of archiving a card, then restoring the card from an archive status, and finally deleting the card. If you’re looking for an easy to use an accessible project management system, Trello  is probably your best bet at this time!

I said in today’s podcast that I was also going to give you a glimpse into some of the content that’s coming next week, however I neglected to do that my bad, that’s what I get for recording an episode at 1:30 in the morning! So, for those of you who actually decided to read the show notes, I’ll give you a glimpse into what’s coming up this next week. Monday we’re going to chat a bit about how it’s important to keep the project you’re working on coming even if they’re not perfect. It’s kind of a follow-up to this past Monday’s episode, perfection prevents progress. Wednesday we’re chatting with Doug Lou, of the doorman project, and what his organization is doing to improve accessibility around the web for people with all types of disabilities. Friday I’m going to teach you something, and if I don’t receive any feedback from something people want to learn about, I’ll be teaching you the process of adding a due date to a card with your eyes closed in trello. I’ll also give you a quick glimpse into the process I used, as you can’t”Mark a card as complete”, but you can remove the date or archive the card when you’re done with it.


Get excited for this coming week, and for those listeners in the United States have an amazing and safe Thanksgiving on Thursday!


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