Robinhood is todays AOTD7

Robinhood allows you to dip your fingers in investing

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Starting it out with house keeping’

0:08, ask Someone who does if you don’t.

0:22, what’s going on, i explain that i’m not sure the problem but am looking into it and hope it’ll be fixed soon.

0:53, Welcome to the diversified method of podcasting‚Ķ Yep, my dream of podcast network is finally coming to life! You can subscribe to the app of the day in iTunes, stitcher, or Google play music if you’d like. Links to all of these networks will be found at the bottom of this post. And I’d love it if you could leave a quick review/recommendation in your favorite podcast app/network, simply because that will help others find the content as well.

take from the rich and give to the poor

1:35, we are introducing the app for today, Robinhood

If you click on any link to the Robinhood application in this post, you’ll receive a free stock simply for signing up. So will I!

Note, I do not believe that Robinhood is available internationally, though you might want to check the specifics in your country.

1:50, My return. is down, but listen why!

What is Robinhood

2:00, learn what Robinhood is, and why I like this tool over others. ?

how I first got involved with trading penny stocks

2:55, you’ll learn a story about how my first investment in penny stocks helped us when we most needed the cash. Limitations with other brokers though prevented me from exploring this Avenue further.

Financial disclosure

3:45, I explain to you and important financial disclosure that I probably should’ve explained at the beginning of this episode.

TLDL: Don’t take financial advice from this blind guy, just take the advice of the tools that I’m using.

Get a free stock with Robinhood

3:55, as previously explained, if you sign up for a Robinhood Account by clicking on a link in this post, you’ll receive a free stock. I will too, and that’ll give you an opportunity to explore the application without having to invest your own money.

Why not check out Robinhood now

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