The Audible App is AOTD 8

the Audible app is this AOTD

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0:25, the service that we talked about today has been around since 1995, and I’ve been using them for at least 15 years.

0:48, before we get into it though, the link problem I’ve mentioned over the past couple of episodes I’m pretty sure has been resolved.

Simple little oversight on my part.

Audible, an app that some haven’t heard of

1:04, you’re introduced to today’s application, and the fact that I’m surprised that some people still haven’t heard of it. As discussed in the podcast episode though, since the acquisition by Amazon of audible into thousand eight, I’m pretty sure awareness is definitely in Greece!

1:30, how the audible service works.

Buy it to keep it

1:45, If you don’t keep your subscription you do keep the books.

Go to the gym

2:12, The octive Service has provided a few workouts to audible subscribers that you can take advantage of in addition to reading books.

Maybe I should go use that gym membership that took money out of my account Wednesday. đŸ’ª

Get a free book with the audible app

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If you don’t like it

3:00 Audible lets you return it.

I knew this but didn’t take advantage of it.

DOn’t over use it though.

Stream it

3:55, if you have limited space or just want to stream with Alexa or Sonos.

Get your book

4:20 What did you pick up?

4:30, Monday i’ll be back and were going to talk about the front page of the internet≥

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